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Struggling as the days go by!!

Well aint been on gere for a while! Been so busy latley with work an volunteering, aint had time to relax really! Im 32 weeks today (times gone bloody quick) and as time goes on i am a little nervous but otherwise ok, but theres a problem. The OH wont give me any! He says hes 'scared about hurting the baby' but more importantly incase i go into labour! I mean what is with that! I appreciated him being cautious and concerned, but back when we first found out i was pregnant, he didnt care! He wanted sex all the time! I mean what guy doesnt want sex!

I admit now my bodys changed i dont feel as 'sexy' as pre pregnancy but a woman does have needs! Im due in january (not long to go!) but i cant wait till after baby arrives!! Last stages of pregnancy, ive all of a sudden become so damn horny its starting to annoy me!!!!

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I was the same, so horny! Luckily my partner didn't have any problems with that. Have a good chat with him, there is no way he'll hurt little bubba! And if he doesn't believe you, tell him to read about it. And baby comes out when he/she is ready, not because you have sex. Have a shower, put som nice undies on, lit some candles and sudduce him;) your man can't say no to that, surely! Good luck:) :) enjoy the rest of your pregnancy amd hope all goes well! X


I think in some ways I can understand it from a mans point of view...it must be a little odd if you think about it too much which is probably what he's done!

Why not try positions where the bump is out of sight (in a nice way if course) maybe from behind or spooning?!!!

Good luck with that!!!!


adding to 2ndtimelucky's post, try reverse cowgirl aswell. Its really good because u are in control. Let him know that you can guide him to ensure baby doesnt get hurt :) Good luck and I hope you manage to get urself some luvvin! xx


Tell him to do it while he can as when the baby is born the bed will be a place for sleep as there will b no time for anything else and u will both be knackered. .its taken us 3 months to the deed since my son wss born lol. X

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Lol !! My hubby wouldn't touch me towards the end and was very frustrating for me as I kinda felt rejected :( the last time we did it before my bubba was born was when Prince George was born and the first time we did it was last week !!!!! Long time and I was very nervous doing it agaiin was like losing my virginity again lol, I was quite big in the end and hubby was well aware that the baby was there all men are different take it steady and I'm sure he'll give xx


CharlotteDavies -Im having that now. Feel a bit rejected :( In every other way he's really lovely and very caring and thoughtful but all I get is a peck on the lips! I don't even get a proper snog these days :(

Its not great for the self esteem when you look like you've swallowed a football! ;)


Thanks ladies for the advice! Hopefully ill be getting some action soon!!! X


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