Hair loss please help

Im seriously worried about my hair loss I have always had thick full of life hair but I seam to belosing more and more. Not just when washing it or brushing even if I wipe my hand down my pony tail it comes out in clumps. My partner is always complaining he's waking up in the night with hair all over the bed and now my hair is the thinest it has ever been. I had it cut 2 weeks ago thinking it would help the condition but it hasn't. Has anyone experienced this before who can give me some reassurance or advice.


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  • Are you BF? One iof my friends hair has gone really thin. A lot of friends have hit the BF hair loss stage; I thought I'd escaped, but mines started to come out this week :-/

    In addition to the hotmonal link, from a medical POV zinc is important for hair growth, I'm assuming my LO is leaching mine for his own gain! You could try a good multivitamin? The 'good' news is things go back to normal once your hormone levels do...

  • I couldn't bf my baby because of a medical condition he was born with and my hair is still falling out at an alarming rate. I have read though that the hair loss is normal and should settle down before baby's first birthday. I hope I still have some hair left by that stage. I think I'll try the multivitamin option and see how I get on. Thanks for the tip.

  • I used to loose quite a lot of hair, probably more than average. But my hair was still normal thickness. Then for the full 9months of pregnancy, and 2 months after giving birth I didn't loose any! Then it all started dropping out!! As you say even just running fingers through it! In the bath is worst when I condition it and brush it all through! My son is 4 and a half months now, and it is finally slowing down! :) good news is its no thinner than it was before!! I'm going to go on some vitamins though been meaning yo do it for ages! Do miss my pregnancy hair though!! :( x

  • I was exactly the same!! My hair didn't start dropping out until lo was. 6 months though and now I'm shedding like a dog ! Hoping it slows down soon, think it maybe to do with dropping breast feeds and hormone balance. Drives me nuts!!! Lol!

  • I have seen this question on here quite a few times..try doing a search for hairloss it may help you. You don't say if you are pregnant or had baby. I lost my hair in clumps after the birth of each of my three babies, I was told its because during pregnancy your hairloss decreases and you hair gets thicker then after baby comes the excess hair all falls out....was scared stiff the first time and rushed to the Dr was sure I was going bald....but I didn't it all settled down eventually. xxx

  • Im not bf now I was up until shr was 6 weeks but shes bottle fed now. The condition of my hair has completely changed never been like this before. Do you think its something to worry about? Xx

  • I don't think you need to worry about it too much. Try the vitamins, you can get ones specifically for hair, and if you do blow dry/straighten/curl your hair regularly try doing it as little as possible. I only do my hair now if I'm going somewhere and I think reducing the straightening has helped. X

  • My hair has recently starting coming out in handfuls too! :( I had lovely hair before, even though it had thinned out a bit over the years. Now it just feels dry and brittle, it is distressing to see it coming out whenever I wash it, brush it or even just tying it up. Thankfully I have been reassured that it will stop when the babies born and everything starts to return to normal. On the plus side I have really good nails! It's like my hair and nails have done a swap lol

  • I feel like a cat who sheds hair eve where :(

    But I heard it goes back to normal if it won't I would just cut them up to an inch long and say good bye to long hair for some r not alone, none of us are :)

  • oh I don't look forward to loosing my hair, if only it came off places like ur legs and pits lol x

  • I heard tht hair loss is common when we're in stress. If you see the fallen hair with a bulb at one end then it is nothing to worry n a new hair is replaced. But when the fallen hair is broken then you need to worry about n take more care.

  • Before I was pregnant I was always losing hair constantly. Then when I was pregnant it was great. My baby is 12 weeks and its gone back to falling out....a little moreso than before in fact. I have really fine hair so dno if that plays a part in mine. I hate it but I'm used to it and it seems to grow back lol x

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