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Can you over feed a breast fed baby?

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I feel like I'm feeding my 19 day old son a hell of a lot, between every 1 & 2 hours during the day & every 2 hours during the night. I'm breast feeding on demand but sometimes I think I might be feeding him just to stop him from crying so he is comfort eating. I know they have growth spurts between 2-3 weeks but it's not been much different from the beginning. Does anyone else feed so regularly?

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That's entirely normal hun. Most babies will eventually go longer.

Once my LO hit about 5 or 6 weeks, I stopped fussing over him so much at night. He used to wake at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 and I would feed him largely to stop my OH getting woken. I did some reading, spoke to my OH and agreed I would only feed him if I thought he was hungry and leave him to self settle otherwise. Within a week he no longer woke at 2, slept til 4 or 5, but then would wake every hour until we got up for the day!

My LO is 20 weeks tomorrow and goes anywhere from 1 hour to. 4 hours between feeds during the day and either sleeps through or wakes once for a feed over night. It does get easier, but you do end up feeling like a cow during those early days!

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I certainly do feel like a cow haha!! That's reassuring, thanks for your reply :-)

Hi, my baby is 10 weeks old and breast fed, he feeds probably every 2-3hrs in day (if home), cluster feeds to stock up 7-10 and sleeps through night now (least he has been). If your breast feeding on demand it will be on his terms and breast milk is digested quicker then formula so will feed frequently and yes he may be comfort suckling too. You are many things to him right now, food source, comfort. warmth....

Do you go to a Baby Café in your area? Has your HV spoken about them, they are great for BF support.

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Yes hun completely normal. My son 11 weeks and now he only wakes once between 10-6 at about now 2.30ish lol.. During day when am out usually about 4 hrs but if home can b 2hrs however much me and his dad play or distract him. It does get easier trust me xx

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Sometimes they just use you as a dummy.... and comfort ! My little one does this and when the let down milk starts flowing he has a bit of a shock!

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Haha! Would love to see his face :-)

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Hello lovely! What do you mean by let down? I'm on day 10 now... She's eating only 5-10 mins a time, but every hour... Is this comfort eating?! How do I rein this in! I am like a ruddy cow!

My LO started eating one day none stop, literally. Was at about two weeks old, he would eat and eat, throw up and eat some more. Was beginning to think something wrong and had the breast feeding lady come out. She said not to worry, in the early days (esp boys apparently) babys can be greedy and eat til they pass out or as John was doing until they throw up. So he was throwing up and being hungry again. Hardest two days feeding, as just had to keep going until he learned not to be quite so greedy. After that went into a much better pattern, still fed a lot but wasn't wanting it all the time. Now he's almost 8 weeks and starting to get into a routine. Usually wants fed when we eating, which seems a pain but I'm hoping keeps up as will be easier setting meal times later x

My boy is still doing as John is, he will sometimes just let go, look at me and milk will pour from his mouth! Usually drowning his arm, me and the sofa or bed in the process! Happens most evenings xx

Sounds familiar! Always reminds me of a milky vampire!! I love the way they keep a mouthful for later too... Babies..!!

And he wonders why he chokes during possetting...over indulging not helping Mr, Mummy has learnt not to panic now and let him take care of it as much as possible but be on standby :-P

Yeah, took a while not to panic, is rare he does it now, but if he's had a bottle his next feed he will over feed as if trying to make sure he's full in case we try and feed him that 'other stuff' again. Honestly you'd think I didn't feed him if you see those feeds, my OH doesn't understand how it doesn't hurt as John does this little growl and throws himself at me! Wouldn't mind but quite a lot of the time he'll miss and bump his nose which leads to a big cry - boys!!! Lol x

Are you sure that your baby is actually drinking for that long? Or is your LO nibbling? I have been in exactly the same position and it turns out my baby has been eating for very little of the time. Is itworth checking with a lactation consultant/breastfeeding counsellor whether this ishappening for you? I am very tired because of this and now I'm trying to do somethings to change the situation! Good luck! X

Sam had an 80 min mammoth feed yesterday evening... Full on feeding, not sucking! Still, meant I got to watch the whole if Dr Who in one go on iPlayer!!!

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Lol, we got to watch Doctor who without a feed and whilst awake... and daddy wearing a fez and bow tie, no wonder john was fascinated. Poor boy doesn't know the family he's joined yet lol x

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