Does the baby always drop before labour starts?

I'm due tomorrow, baby is 3/5 engaged but still very high. I'm having stronger Braxton now, but they're not that painful, so I can still move about. Everyone is saying thay since he hasn't droped, there is no sign he will come out any time soon. Is this the case or can he come out any time if water brakes or contractions starts?

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  • my bump didn't drop at all and was very high till the day I gave birth so don't worry bout it, everyones different x

  • Thank you, it annoys me so much when people think they know but don't have a clue! X

  • My son dropped a fortnight before he was born, my daughter didn't drop at all!

    I think it's just a general indication that labour is close - many babies don't budge until they're ready to pop out.

    You'll be looking for signs everywhere at this stage, I know I was. Good luck for whenever it all starts x

  • Thank you! :) I hope sooner rather than later:) x

  • Some babies expecially the first might not drop till right at the end. ... in subsequent pregnancies ur muscles and ligaments are looser so u can drop earlier but everyone is different :)

  • 1st one dropped and engaged at 34 weeks, overdue by two weeks. 2nd dropped at 39 weeks over due by 1 week. 3rd baby never dropped and I was induced at term. :-) not long for you now best of luck :-)

  • Thank you for your help ladies:) can't wait! X

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