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Garlic & onions

Has anyone had any experience of garlic & onions making LO windy & upset after BF? Iv read about them before but most things say it's fine to eat them. However I made a shepherds pie last night with both ingredients and LO had so much gas and wouldn't settle all night. He had to sleep on me as he wouldn't lay flat in his Moses basket. Now I'm wondering if it was the garlic & onions and if I should stay away from them. I suppose it's different for all babies, just wondered if anyone had experienced this?

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How old is ur baby? When my son was 5 days old I had fajitas and they were quite spicy and at the time didnt think about it but tht night it was as though he had a sore tum so I stayed away from spicy foods for a while until the feeding was established..11 weeks later and its fine and I can eat anything within reason without him struggling. If its early days for u maybe stick to blander foods for a bit..I also got told to limit intake of orange juice as its acidic and also tomatoes which isn't a problem with me as I am allergic to them. X


Thanks for the info. He is 18 days old. I had fresh tomatoes yesterday as well so maybe that could have affected him.


Sam loves post curry breastmilk! Definitely his daddy's boy - spicy as it comes!!

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Not personally but I had fish chips and mushy peas, boy oh boy did it effect us both lol. Green peppers also make him windy. :-)


Garlic builds up the milk supply and is not a trouble to baby although it might change the taste of your milk.

Onions surely makes babies windy and is a gassy food.

In case you take onions more than usual pop few seeds of Cardamom in, that would not only neutralize the windy tendency of onion, but if done regularly would give a nice taste and smell to your breast milk (my LO loves the taste of cardamom) I even gave her cardamom water, instead of gripe water to help solve her newborn gassy and reflux problems, and touchwood she dont have an tummy troubles since past two months (she is 4 months now!)


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