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12 week vaccines

Hey everyone, think I know the answer before I post this (every baby is different) but guess I'm just after some moral support!!

So my LO has been doing so well with his routine and being a real little star whilst Daddy is working away...until he had his 12 week injections today.

His actually wasn't too bad with his 8 week ones but he had pretty much been crying in pain on and off since 10am! I've given him calpol and TLC but just wondered what others experiences were and how long before they start to feel better? Anything we can do to help them?

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Oh no! I can't help you I'm afraid as James is due his on 4th December.....not looking forward to it though. His 8 week ones threw him off course big time although he wasn't ill with it. I think what you are doing is pretty much all you can do though. Poor little blighter xx


He seems to be a little better, he's been snoozing. Not sure if it's the calpol but he felt well enough to give me lots of smiles at his last feed so that's good. Fingers crossed for tonight!


Oh that's good. Hope he gets plenty of rest tonight.....and you too of course :-)


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