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So nervous about scan tomorrow!

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I am 13 weeks tomorrow and have got my scan first thing. I had a missed miscarriage in February at 8 weeks after some mild spotting. I had mild spotting this time and had a scan at 6 weeks and at 9 weeks and all was fine but am so scared that we are going to get bad news tomorrow. I still have all symptoms, I have nausea, peeing every 5 mins, some food makes me feel sick but I still can't help panicking!

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Ive been where you are now! The worrying is completely normal :-) im sure all will be fine and ill look forward to seeing your post later :-D good luck xx

Yup the day before the scan is the worst, I was also utterly convinced it was bad news, it's just in a weird way how you cope. I'm certain it's all absolutely fine and hopefully you can (relatively speaking) relax after the scan!

Try to relax and enjoy it more than I did. Until I heard the heartbeat I was feeling sick with nerves rather than overcome with joy!


Thanks guys. Your messages are reassuring. I will hopefully post good news later! Xx

Good luck. It sounds like you will be fine, so go on and enjoy the experience.

Good luck let us know how u get on sure it will be fine try and enjoy it :)

Wishing you lots of luck, I too have been in your situation twice, but now I am sat here with a 30 week will happen.. keep positive :) x

Thank you guys! Scan was fabulous - baby was the right size and jumping about on the screen. Thank you for your messages today - they have really helped!! xx

Fab news xx 'official' congratulations now :-D xx

Congratulations!!!! Really pleased for you xxx

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