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Running and breastfeeding

Hi there, I have not yet written here before but would like to ask you a question. I'm keen to get back to shape (have a 7 week old baby Amelia) and am breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a hard work/challenge for me and I still dont feel that confident about it as I dont think I produce much milk so I have to top up my feeding with formula twice a day. I want to do some running but am not sure whether it could affect (negatively) my milk production or breastfeeding. Does anyone know?

Thank you very much.

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Everyone is different, and running can decrease your milk production - I think the key is start slow and gentle and build up gradually. One of my friends from our Children's Centre overdid it massively, and had huge problems getting her milk supply back. X


Hi and welcome! I think you read my mind! My son will be 6 weeks tomorrow and I want to gget back to running. I have been running for a few years and was training for my 10th half marathon when I became pregnant.

I totally stopped running during pregnancy and have just started increasing walking pace and distance/intensity. The thing I've found with the walking is not a problem with milk production but with me getting knackered out and shaky. I think I've failed to take into account the required exrra calories.

I'm going to raise the question at my six week check (if my sleep deprived brain can remember).

My current plan is to start from scratch with a short one mile run to test the waters and build up from there. This is going to require quite a lot of constraint as a mile is such a short distance to run!

Sorry I can't answer your question specifically but it's all new to me

I'm looking forward to seeing if there will be replies from more experienced runners...


If you have questions for your postnatal check up, write them down and take the piece of paper with you! In my experience GPs do very little but will be more than happy to answer questions, check bits that are sore still.. if you ask.


Thanks. That's a good idea. Just got to remember to take the list with me :-)


Useful thread from a running magazine's online forum x


If you are sensible and eat well it really shouldn't effect your milk supply.

I'd suggest looking at C25K programme to start gently, I presume you will be doing this with baby so pushing a buggy? Make sure you have a well fitting sports bra & feed before you go out!

Enjoy getting fit again.


Thank you all for the useful tips and your time to reply. It is greatly appreciated. :)


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