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So yesturday i put i was achey now im worrying im 34+2 and babys movements have comepletly changed

The night before last i could litrally record him beating me up in there but last night i had hardly anythink this is my first so i dont know what to expect

Normally when i have a bath that will get him moveing but i have only felt a week nudge :( is this normal please help im trying not to stress but its hard :(

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If your baby's movements have changed, call your maternity day unit and get checked. But try not to worry too much. My baby did this to me and was kicking like a good'un the moment I was put on the monitor! Definitely go and get checked over hun x

Hey, agree totally with Fattyboom. I had this twice with my little one and each time the maternity unit were excellent. They would much rather have you come in than worry. These babies can be little monkeys and like to keep us on our toes!!!

Give the unit a call..it will put ur mind at rest..I was hooked up to a monitor a few times for various reasons and to hear tht heartbeat after worrying is such a relief. The times I went my son had changed position and his movement wasn't as noticeable. Xx

Definitely call the unit and get down there, if nothing else to put your mind at rest!

I did find that if I was under the weather or overdoing it then the baby moved less. Or sometimes I think he was just having a growth spurt. They say less than 10 movements in 24 hours is a worry.


I've never had under 10 movements in one day, but find it really hard to keep track of my baby's pattern of movements because they are so erratic. Some nights my tummy has a mind of its own and other times I worry. Think sometimes they have a lazy streak, but it tends to be once you get to the Maternity Ward, they kick off. The moment I was hooked up to the trace machine, off she went. Midwife says it happens all the time. I've phoned triage many a time and the midwives are much happier that you contact them than not bother xxx

Been to the hospital little man woke up after about 10 mins on the machine think he was trying to kick it off my belly lol just glad he is ok i think it is because he has changed position

But he has always been really active wich made me worry more :-/ thanks all or ur advice would be lost wivout all u on here xx

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Aw, glad he's all ok :-) and now you can relax again and enjoy getting beaten up from within lol! Cheeky little things they are! x

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That's great news! Wrapping Mummy round his little finger and he hasn't even arrived yet!!xx

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He sure is lol :) hmm and got years of it too come to lol xx

He is def good at the beating up part lol

Thats y i worried so much cos normally i see little limbs pop out all over the place lol then there was nothink cheeky ickle boy :) x

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Glad everything is ok now and bet u feel much btr. It is a worry as my son changed position quite frequently at the end so gave me a few scares. Hope rest of ur pregnancy goes well x


Yh such a relief they are so cheeky they dont even know the worry they cause us when there tucked up in there :-/ x

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