Its been a while......can anyone suggest anything

So my little lovely is 7 1/2 weeks now, first few nights home were a bit up and down with bf and not being able to settle even when he was asleep, anyway we changed from a moses basket to a crib not the weekend just passed the one b4 that, i thought would take a few days to adapt but like a superstar my little man was brilliant for the first five days, then his dad came home from the army for 2 nights and we had a rough few nights just wouldnt settle, ever since we are averaging about 4 hours ive tried leaving him for 10 minutes (im only outside the door, ive tried getting him to sleep then putting him in his crib ive tried a touch lamp, a night light and complete darkness ive tried at all different times qbut its always verging on 2-3am before he nods off without being unsettled, then up every 2 hours (we were getting 4 1/2 hours last week) ive even tried a formula feed before bed to see if it filled him a bit more

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It's wee hrs of the morning but for the moment my gut would it a growth spurt? Can involve round the clock feeding and then you might find a lot of sleeping. Having your partner home may also have unsettled him (no offence Daddy) but I find with my partner on nights he can sleep like a dream but when daddy comes off nights it can upset my routine (which I have probably had in place since 7-8 weeks). I have an early evening routine of getting him ready for bed, he's then with me for about 3hrs often cluster feeding and then at 10 I go to bedroom, bum change into sleeping bag feed and bed and he's learnt this part of his routine now and in time I can start to bring it forward. He is coming up 10 wks and he's been sleeping through last 7-10 days so around 7hrs a night feed then back to bed. He reluctantly sleeps in the day....I try and try to put him didn't like you and it's really hard and more so for you if at nights it's the same :-(

They say sleep induces sleep so what happens in you are out all day and he's getting fresh air and sleeping in car seat or pram? Xx

Well that's what someone else mentioned about then other half being home, he sleeps a lot during the day but in guessing that's down from being tired after an unsettled night but i feel mean trying to keep him awake, we are off out tomorrow, possibly for most of the day, when we are out he does seem to sleep alot, Daddy is home again tonight for a long weekend but i think your routine sounds amazing 10pm that would be great wow.

Do you leave him in bed awake or do you nurse him?

Also do you go to bed or will you put a monitor on, i tried putting him down last night awake and walked round upstairs with the monitor getting some jobs done but he seemed more awake than he had all day, it was 1.15am again the last time i looked at my phone, he does seem to be struggling with wind aswell though

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Hey, at 10 I take him to bedroom for 'quiet' feed no distractions and when he's asleep, lay him's usually effortless. He'll sleep around 7hrs wake for feed, once he started sleeping through I switched nappies to the dry nights as I realised he was only passing urine, this is working too as its one less stimulus at say 5.30-6am, he'll feed or be with me anything between 20-40 mins and then I'll put him down again, for say 1.5-2hrs. I will often go to bed at same time to maximise my rest.

He's even managed a sleep this afternoon for about 3hrs which is not like him.

I don't use a monitor as its all one level.

How was today? Have you tried putting a routine in place? X

This is exactly what we do :-)

Sam used to sleep for 9 or 10 hours, but has hit the 4 month sleep regression patch... :-/

When did the 9-10hrs appear? Do you do a formula feed before bed or is Sammy Sausages EBF? :-)

He has one formula bottle at night. Started sleeping through at about 9 or 10 weeks. Stopped 3 and a bit weeks ago :-/

My little girl is 12w old. Starting frm this wk I have started taking her up for the night time routine bath bottle bed. I am normally feeding her at about 7.15. First of all she would cry & scream but I jst take the monitor with me & sort my boys out. I check on her every 10mins to make sure she hasn't been sick. The last few nights she has gone down a treat with a dream feed at 10pm & slept thr till 3am then 7am. Keep it regimented& he will soon get into it.

I've been told i need to persevere at it but i hate leaving him lying there in a worrier i was before i was pregnant, this time last week i would feed him about 11 then he was up 1 or 2 times in the night but everything has just changed, do you think he's too young to leave and to try and start a routine? X x x

Well i usually sit here and just tale him up when im ready and then its a struggle, so today I've let him have a good sleep this morning and from about 3 till 5, he has cluster fed since.and then he showed signs of being tired so put him down about 8, he's fast asleep so now my plan is when he wakes for a feed again do it upstairs, in quite and very little light and hopefully will go back down, however Its just that he's not slept as much today so its as much him as it is me so its not the best plan yet

x x x

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