I know I've posted something similar about this but it's changed a bit

I have stopped bleeding but when I go for a no 2 I do have to strain a bit I get bright red blood and it drips into the toilet and it's on the tissue when I wipe... I've never had it before with previous babies just seems a bit weird. ..even when I have a busy day running around I don't bleed also just finished a course of antibiotics so no infections anyone else experience it?

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  • Possibly a silly question but is it definitely vaginal bleeding or could it be from an internal pile that bleeds when you strain?! X

  • Where is it coming from? Sounds like a small cut just inside your anus. I've had it before....was given cream though I didn't use it and it fixed itself. That's because I have IBS and am very rarely constipated or needing to strain....quite the opposite :-( lol. I was told if it's bright red blood that's likely to be the cause, if it's dark or black that should be treated more urgently. But you may wanna go for a check anyway to put your mind at rest and get some cream x

  • Sounds like a fissure, possibly.

    It tge blood definitely just in the paper and in the pan - not mixed with your poo? I'd pop and see your GP to be sure.

    I had the most horrendous breastfeeding constipation post partum - only really settled down 6 weeks ago. #thingsnoonee erwarnsyouabout

  • No it's def from my fairy ;) I did think it was from my bottom but I have double checked and is def from the front x

  • Lol fairy...you joker :D x

  • Prob worth getting checked out then - would have expected a vaginal laceration to have healed by now, unless your constipation is causing issues with healing (pressure effect when you poo!). A good stool softener may help. It may still be a small bleeding point from your placental bed.

    Let us know if anyone works it out!! Xx

  • Fairy!! Brilliant!! :) hope you get her sorted!! X

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