does anyone get sharp-ish pains when they move/standup?

im 22wks and am often getting weird pains on the left side of my belly when i stand up or sometimes when i move. This is my 1st so im not sure really what to expect. Isit just my baby moving moving to a more comfortable position? i thought id ask here first before going to the gp. any advice would be great :)


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4 Replies

  • I got a stabbing pain in my side's particularly when walking. I thought it was just growing and stretching. Baby an belly, checked with the mw and she confirmed this!! If you are worried though of its really painful just give your mw a quick call! Xx

  • I had this the other day, I was walking round the shops and had to stop because some if the pains were too much (I'm nearly 31 weeks). I haven't seem the mw yet but had no bleeding or anything and they stopped when I sat down and had some food so I wasn't too worried. Baby was moving and kicking as normal so I'm not too concerned. If u are tho its always best to get checked out. X

  • Thank you for replying..ive gone through some previous posts and noticed a few girlies have basically written the same thing as me which has made me feel alot better :) my next mw app is in 10days so will wait and speak to her then but if it gets worse or anything thing then i think il get it checked out. Thanks again for your advice xxx

  • I'm always getting these especially if I have got up to quick always roll on to your side when getting up from laying position and life slowly x I also get a lot of stitches if I walk to fast so I'm just having to learn to slow down I'm 29+ 3 but am struggling to learnt to do this with a full time job as a trainer and looking after grandparents but am slowly learning x

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