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Back to work sooner or later??

Hi girls :) hope all of you are well and looking forward to Christmas with your new little babies or bumps :) xx

Just a wee question, my head is melted this week! My wee son is 5 months on Friday, so I'm due back to work on 20th Jan and have 2 weeks holidays so was planning on returning 4th February 2014! However I have decided to leave my place of work and the dentist I was working for put my name forward in her new practice and I was offered the job there, cut in pay and 20 mins extra journey! Anyhoo that isn't my problem, I'm due to start 2nd of Dec :( nearly 8 weeks early :( I'm so set to leave my current job and over the moon at being offered this one but was really looking forward to Christmas with my little man :( but don't want to pass up this opportunity in case I don't get another one.. Sorry for rambling on :( I work to provide for my wee man, I really want this job but he should be 7months when I return not 5 :( My question is what would you do?? Thanks xxx

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I'm not sure we can tell you. Have you spoken to your new employer? At be there's a compromise to be had so that you can spend dec with your LO? X


try and think of the long run...surely your new job wont b open xmas day? x


I was asked to start first week of Nov but told them I wasn't ready and would need another month, and now I still don't think I'm ready lol :-/ it's the thought of leaving him :( he's so tiny! :( but ur right about thinking long term, it's the right decision to take the job! Have to work Christmas Eve til 9pm :( I guess I just wasn't expecting to be thinking about work until 2014 lol. Thanks for your comments :) xx


Difficult decision :-( though from what you've said in this post a move of job is what you really want. It's obviously come as a shock that you will have to return to work earlier than planned to get the new job.

It is going to be hard going back to work and leaving your little one regardless of when you have to do it (I know I'm dreading doing this myself with my little boy ) and I know the horrible feeling of guilt and feeling so envious of mums who get to stay at home :-( I had to keep reminding myself that I was doing it to keep a roof over our heads and my older children are now happy and well despite me returning to work when they were very little


Anyhow to get back to your question, you really need to go with your heart on this and I do think that looking long term is what you need to do x


My LO is 4 months old and I go back to work In February she will only be 6 months old am gutted......just going back 2days/week I can't believe 9 months of maternity leave is almost over already....looking for nurseries now sob sob.



I had a similar dilemma to this; I have always wanted to work in childcare but do not have direct qualifications to get me a position. Anyway, a few days before I went in to be induced with my son I found the perfect course - post graduate certificate and qualification in Early Years Teaching, completed funded my the government, I get a bursary and a year long so fits nicely into my maternity leave. So the course started in September and I had to do it, financially it is the only time I will be able to do a course like this. So my little boy started nursery 2 days a week, and with his gran the other 2 days at just 13 weeks. He is now 17 weeks and thriving.

I do feel guilty at times but there are the positives of socialising for him, etc. He still appears to love me just the same, lol! So in answering your question, you should accept the new job. It will be much better for him in the future as you sound like you will enjoy the new position better = less stressed mummy. And trust me there are positives. You have to think that your little boy won't really remember this Christmas so just make a big fuss when your with him and play lots!

Good luck :-) x


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