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Extending sleep!!

I've been more of a lurker on this board but I wondered if you would help. My son is 7 1/2 months old & until the clocks went back was sleeping 7.30-6ish maybe even 6.20! He sometimes stirred but giving him his dummy helped him fall back over.

Generally for the last few weeks he was woke at 5 or 5.30 ready to party for the day. He still waits till 7 for his bottle so he can't be hungry.... He has slept till 6.30 on a few occasions & once or twice I've fought with him for a while & he went back to sleep till 6ish, but this doesn't work all the time.

He's not crying or upset- just chatty!! Any suggestions as it was 4.30 this morning...zzzzzz

Thanks Alison. Xxx

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Oh my god - you have just described my life! This week I have started keeping my 5 month old up until 9pm instead of putting him down at 7/7.30. This morning he didn't wake until 5.30 which is good going for us. We still give him a dream feed at around 11pm so he is definitely not hungry. Sorry I'm no use to you but would be eager to receive any advice! Thanks.


Glad I'm not the only one!! He's not been fed during night since end of aug. He's so tired at 7, desperate for his bottle so he can get to bed don't think I'd be able to keep him up, as I have thought about it. He's not really sleeping much more during the day either...???????


I didn't think my little guy would be able to stay up that long but after a few tries it seems to be working. He still wakes up crazy early though. Here is hoping it's some phase they will grow out of soon because I have already started him on solids to see if that would work and it hasn't. Good luck lady! X


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