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Just wanted some info my friend gave me a few sleeping bags but the labels are so faded I can't work out the tog. ... but a couple are really thin one is medium and one is quite thick. .. I'm obviously going for the medium one but is that ok to use on a one month old? And in this weather. .. it is getting colder and I haven't got double glazing so can get quite chilly at night... but I don't keep my heating on a night. ...I have got the temp on my baby monitor and the other night it did drop to 16... so I put an extra layer on him but he is starting to kick his blankets of now so thought I'd try the sleeping bag. .. never used them before so the more info The better Pls :)

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  • I keep the rooms to 18/19' which personally I find cold and have a 13.5 duvet. However Lottie has a 2.5 tog sleeping bag and a baby grow with no vest and she seems warm and comfortable enough to sleep through the night. Could you go into asda/mothercare/mamas and papas and feel the ones they have on sale and compare them to yours?

  • Ps she is 11 weeks now and has been in a sleeping bag from about 2 weeks

  • Good idea Thanks Yes I find it a bit cold at that temp but I'm ok if I have my p.js on I read on Internet they should have one more layer than u need I thought that was ridiculous as I've got a 13.5 tog too!

  • I got given two sleeping bags the other week.....they are thin so I thought they may be 1 tog...turns out they are 2.5 tog as well the one I bought for him myself is much thicker so it must be down to the materials used. The temp in my room ranges between 17 -19 degrees in the night and I always put him in a baby grow with a vest and then into his sleeping bags he has been a bit cold at times so fleecy baby grow it is...still with a vest :-)

  • Oh really! yeah I've got 2 thin ones but thicker than sheets so confusing! So should they be in just a2.5 tog then at this time of year? X

  • Yh that should be enough for them in their pyjamas. What I do as well if it is particularly cold is lay a blanket...though quite a thin one...over him too. I check his body heat in the night to make sure he isn't too hot but he hasn't been so far. I judge by how cold I feel in the room as well....though as you said above its not really possible to actually compare us to them! x

  • Lou where did u get fleecey baby gro from..I cant find any? X

  • Morrisons has some mickey mouse ones and I got a pumpkin one as a pressy and I think it's from asda or morrisons....they may have some in sale leftover from Halloween x

  • 2.5 is what the shops seem to be selling right now. When Lottie was born they were selling 0.5 and 1 tog. So I guess so. I'll upgrade her to a thicker baby grow as it gets colder, but it's all ok for now.

  • Yeah just had a look on mothercare to see if they had any info and they are all 2.5 couple of 3 . So think ur right x

  • Ok Thanks x

  • I know they are marketed for 0-6 months but then they will also have a minimum weight on them! Might be suitable over 10lbs or something. The ones I have from Kiddicare 2.5tog and the never version of the same bag is 3.0tog but it feels so different, maybe needs a few washes? My bedroom can be anywhere between 18.9/20.5'C at the mo, lower being at night X

  • Asda's sell a Tigger fleecey baby grow, hope this helps x

  • I'm gona nab that one too lol. Cheers for the tip x

  • We've got a 2.2tog from m&s plus he wears a vest and babygro. Seems just right for him

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