Feeding issues any advice please

My little boy is 10 weeks old and is bottle fed. I've not had any major problems with feeding him but he has had pyloric stenosis. Since his op he has been taking 5 oz fine. Since Thursday every bottle I've given him he will only take between 2 and 3 oz, I've tried making him have it and he screams constantly afterwards. He is well within himself. Has anyone had experience with this?? Any help will be greatly received :)

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  • I would pop along to ur g.p if things have changed and he is taking less milk he will not be gaining weight... but there is also the reason why he is taking less and screaming after and especially after he has had this op def see ur g.p sorry can't be much help x

  • Yeah I agree seek advice from the gp or even contact the Secretary of the surgeon that corrected the pyloric stenosis. Xx

  • Speak to your health visitor, get him weighed. Thy may refer u to your gp.

  • Do you have follow up with the peadiatric surgeons? There's a small possibility that there may be a partial restenosis from scar tissue, giving him colicky pain Nd a reduced intake - assuming no more projectile vomiting?. Call the surgeon's secretary and ask for an SOS appointment. Most doctors would far sooner see a well patient and reassure them than to see someone very unwell xx

  • We do have a follow up in a few weeks. I'm not sure if he has caught hand foot and mouth from my niece as I have noticed some ulcer type sores in his mouth. Think I will take him to the gp tomorrow to check. Thank you all for your help and support x

  • Hey! How's you little one? Did you get him in to see the gp?!

  • Hi he is much better thank you. I haven't taken him today I spoke to the health visitor and I'm taking him to see her tomorrow. He's got his specialist appointment next week so I'm hoping that he will be back to normal by then. He has started to feed again which is a relief. Thanks for asking xx

  • Glad he's better! Babies... I swear they do these thing to remind us who is in charge (and it's not us ;-p)

  • Ahh great news! They do these things to test us!! Little monkey!! X

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