Weekend in hospital.. Feeling very tired and low

Hello ladies, hope all is well. So on Friday morning I went to midwife for them to think my waters had started leaking. I was put up to hospital that night to get checked over. My blood pressure was very high so they decided to keep me in overnight. Had been having contractions for two days and they were getting much stronger over night. Had my first examination on Friday, needless to say it was horrible! And found out I was 1cm dilated. I got monitored again on the Saturday morning and little ones heartbeat was a bit irregular so I got taken for a scan(also to see how much fluid was left around him) which they were happy with. I was then basically told by the doctor they weren't sure if my waters were leaking or not but if they had I would know in a couple of days as things would probably start up soon?! Is there no test he could of done to see if it was or not? They asked for me to stay in on Saturday night but I asked if I was allowed to go home which was fine but I was to return on the Sunday to be monitored again. Returned Sunday and all was fine but then they thought the little man had turned himself round! Which turned out not to be the case! So I now have to go to midwife on Tuesday for check up. Now home in my bed feeling absolutely awful :( I cried all the way home from hospital on the Saturday and the Sunday( don't ask me why as I could not tell you!) I am knackered, being sick this morning, diarrhea this morning (sorry for tmi!!) and contractions this morning but are still not regular.

So to some up a pretty crappy weekend!By god I feel emotionally drained and yes I will finally admit I am feeling like I'm starting to struggle! Please come soon little one :( xx


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  • Hey. They tested to see if my waters had broken twice as I had been leaking for a while and both times concluded I must have wet myself!!!! Ridiculous. Me and bubba both ended up with infections and I'm sure that's because I had started leaking at 36 weeks and it was patches big patches every now and then but they didn't listen! So at least you were kept in and they were being thorough as I ended up going up and down to the hospital with various symptoms and feeling unwell all to no avail and being sent home as soon as they could manage. I was terribly moody and felt like crap towards the very end so I sympathise. I really hope baby comes soon for you xx

  • Oh bless you hope the ball or baby gets moving soon for u.. sounds like ur so nearly there! Like u have every labour symptom going! Hope u feel a bit better in urself have a pamper day... nice hot chocolate loads of squirty cream on top with marshmallows ur favourite lunch topped off with a box of ur fave chocs... and all in bed. :) cor sounds that good I might come and join u haha x

  • Thankyou ladies :) I really hope he comes soon, so fed up now! And to top it off I think my breast milk has started to come through.. Just woke to a nice big wet patch on top and they are seeming to leak to.. Can't complain though as was in house when it happened, not out in public lol!!x

  • Hey, my waters were leaking at 31w. I went to the hospital & thy confirmed it. I stayed in for 5 days on steroids injections for babies lungs & antibiotics for infection. If your waters have been leaking then u need to monitor your temperature incase u get an infection. How far gone are u? I started getting contractions 6 days later & ended up having an emergency c sec.

  • I'm 38 weeks now. My temperature has been fine, just started feeling really unwell in the last few hours today :(

  • When you say unwell, what do you mean? I had flu like symptoms.....aches in my joints, heavy head, etc the couple of days before my waters broke properly. I couldn't sleep, I felt awful. That was due to infection....I didn't know I had a temp until I went to hospital to be checked over x

  • Flu like.. That's how I explained it to them when I was at the hospital. Very sore head which is not like me, haven't had one headache all the way through! And I've gone very shakey! Hot and cold sweats aswell. Feel like I can't be away from the toilet either(sorry for tmi!) x

  • That's how I felt. For a couple of days and nights. Called the hospital and told them how I felt and they said it was normal..even with the sweats and a three day headache. Got up the next morning barely able to move and my waters broke. Went to hospital to get it confirmed, they examined me A LOT! Broke my waters....which shows all along I'd been leaking from further up and they didn't believe me. Went to induce me as I was already having contractions and was 4cm and then found meconium and baby was distressed. Ended up with emergency c section under general anaesthetic. Told after me and baby had infections and were both in hospital for a week. Be so careful please.....keep an eye on ur temp and how you feel and don't let them fob you off like they did with me. X

  • I will do, keeping an eye on my temp every hour or so and all seems to be normal so hopefully that's a good sign xx

  • Yep. Hope it's all ok for you. Keep us updated :-) xx

  • After 37 weeks thy shouldn't really leave u more than 48 hours if thy think your waters have been leaking. I would get on to your mw if I was u & tell her how crap u feel. Are u still leaking now? Is it a straw like slimmy colour or water?

  • I haven't leaked in last 24 hours that I've noticed, but when I was it was a straw colour. I just couldn't get my head round the fact that he said to me "if it is your waters you should know in the next couple of days" as all I could think about is the possible risk of infection?! Little one is moving very well though so it puts me a bit more at ease x

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