Post baby wardrobe blues

So Louis is now 5months old yay he's doing fab rolled over twice yesterday for this first time. Growing beautifully.

In regards with me, well yes me! I haven't had time for me. I have a night out coming up first weekend December so I'm looking at my wardrobe nothing is jumping out. So I'm forced to try things on. They all fit pretty well I did lost weight prior to becoming pregnant and I'm a size 18 took a lot to say that outloud! But the problem is everything looks terrible like I'm lost in translation between being a new mummy and being the old mummy I once was. If that makes any sense. I'm trying the clothes on and I see a different person.i can't quite put my finger on what is making me so upset. Ah yes that belly no matter how hard I try it just dosnt budge its horrible. After three babies and not so great to start with tummy muscles lets just say it sags. If only my mother had instilled the importance of keeping fit and healthy before pregnancy first time round maybe I'd have a different approach. I'm back at the gym so far once a week and I know dam well I need to be there three times or more. But baby breastfed Louis is number one. And I managed to get an 1hr workout before the crèche lady comes chasing me saying he's hungry. ..... please someone help me need a. Gok wan of make overs. I have no idea what suits me anymore :-(

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  • I'm still in maternity clothes and feel horrid so know how u feel! Could u not express so that way get more gym time.? All my exercise is at the moment is walking the boys to school and back. .. been feeling to weak and unwell to do anything else. ..and feeling quite down so not really wanting to do anything else! The fact ur doing an hour is something and better than nothing so keep up the good work and it will slowly pay off xx

  • I've tried to express quite recently but I'm not getting a lot. Luckily I. Have stored milk in the freezer if I need it. Thankyou yes an hour I should walk more and it's only just got cooler ie 31c so I can walk now I guess.

  • have you thought of booking a personal trainer for an hour so they can guide you to the best routine to help maximise the time u do have at the gym? Belly bulge is always the hardest to shift. Try ab crunches instead of just sit ups as they work the lower abs at same time, sit ups only work the upper abs (these you can do at home anytime as you dont need equipment)

    I have a yogalates (yoga and pilates) dvd at home that I used when i lost weight a few yrs ago and its good at being gentle on you yet really activates your core muscles.

    I'm sure everybody will be commenting on how great u look tho and only u will be noticing the postbaby bulge. maybe get a pair of "spanx" underpants to help u feel better about what ur wearing? xx

  • To be honest a personal trainer would be ace I had one last year for 7 months 3x a week so I know it works to have someone there coaching you. But I just feel I haven't got the time to commit to a heavy routine because I know now they don't do soft light 1 day weeks. .. Crunches please explain this I thought it was a sit up where you bring you knees and head together am I right? Hah a ha spanx I'd like to see myself even try to get a pair on lol

  • Oh god I'm the same as you!!! Have a night out end of the month and have bought a size 18 top to cover the flab.....I'm actually a size 12! My tummy is so saggy and stretched it hangs down and I cant exercise properly yet due to the c section and its sooooooo frustrating! I'm also completely covered in stretch marks across my whole tummy so am hoping that won't completely destroy any possibility of getting any shape back! My legs are a little chunkier but not much so I'm going for the leggings, heels and oversized top with a jacket look I think....safest way to go haha! x

  • Because I haven't been out in so long I'm completely lost as to what suits me even if I do go shopping half way round I'm BF loulou. Lol I think you have got a good idea though I shall brave the shopping next week. :-)

  • Yh it's definitely hard enough to shop without stopping to bf as well! That's where I have it lucky that I couldn't bf in the end I suppose lol. I hope you manage to find something but that's definitely the easiest type of outfit to pull off for most sizes I think :D x

  • I do my shopping online so much easier x

  • Oh my god I know exactly how u feel, I feel vile. After the c sec it has left me with hardly any feeling above the scar & this roll of fat that I never had. I have started back on weight watchers as I can't cope. In debenhams when I used to work thr thy had a free personal shopper in store but think u had to book an app.

  • Yh it's book an appointment but it's free....I used to work there too lol

  • I didn't get to see much fashion action being stuck on casual club section lol.

  • Lol oh no! How dull!! I was a merchandiser in the women's casuals dept......that was the young fashion bit though in oxford street so at least I'd sometimes like the clothes I was merchandising lol

  • A personal shopper would be ace I'll check it out they should have one being in dubai I'm not sure though. Oh no poor you. Ww is good I was doing my fitness pal but can't seem to get in the stride and all :-0

  • Not sure if thy r in Dubai but might be. The only thing I think we can get is rock the dinner lady look & buy tabards, if any one asks blag it& say thy r coming in fashion.

  • Lol lol lol

  • Have u tried doin work out dvds at home when lo us taking a nap Jillian michaels 30 say shread us a great one pretty tough but gets results and is only 20min long so not to hard to squeezr into nap times there are also loadz of 10 min work out dvds u can get ehich dependin on how busy ur u could do one or more . Other thing to try is lieing on the floor with knees bent feet flat on floor n squeeze back in2 floor hold 4 10sec n release try n give urself a target if say 15 times a day n count down on a scrap of paper u cab do this with crunchs etc aswell n just see how it goes :)

  • Thanks I'll give that a go maybe I could download the workout thanks x

  • Definetly worth a go good luck x

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