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Bleeding at 12 weeks

Hello, Everybody. I need somebody to put my mind at ease

... Last night, we were at a friend's party when I noticed I as bleeding. I went to the nearest hospital, but they sent me home, saying that, given they are not my hospital, and I have a scan appointment tomorrow, there wasn't much they could do. I have had some mild ccramps over the last couple of days, but nothing terrible. The blood is quite brown. I am about 12 weeks. Please, someone tell me this is ok and I am going to be fine... I just got used to the idea that everything was going swimmingly...

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aww i know just how u feel try not to worry so much as bleeding exspecially at the beginning can occur. I too had a bleed at the begining and was in such a state but i had a scan and it you could see a patch of blood still in my womb that i obvs hadnt cleared out on my last period. im now at 21wks and touch wood has all been okay since. Dont worry yourself im sure the doctors will reassure you today.. :-) x

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I hope ur scan goes ok today.

They say bleeding can be ok as long as its not accompanied with cramps and isnt really red. I had a bleed in this pregnancy at 8wks and it was really red and soaked my pj bottoms. I went to a&e (werent my hospital as they shut a&e at 10pm and it was 4am), they admitted me to epau who did an emergency scan and found that it was a hemorrage just below the gestational sac so baby would be fine. They also found a heartbeat so they discharged me and told me to rest up for a few days. I'm now 29wks+5days and all going well.

I know its hard not to worry coz i was in hysterics that night. Its so frightening. Please find comfort in that there are success stories when this sort of thing happens and its not the end, just a slight hiccup. I'll keep my fingers crossed for u n bump, please let us know how u got on xx


Thank you both. I was a bit surprised that they didn't do a scan last night, but I suppose they were not too worried given the blood wasn't bright red and I wasn't in pain. Hopefully, as you say, it is nothing to worry about, only a hiccup...


That is fantastic gigglysheep... my hosp epu is closed over the wkd which is ridiculous! Bleeding is such a horrible scary thing. ..I bled For a month and it alternated between Brown to red. .. then it speed and I had a bleed again around a month later and worked out it would of been when I was due on. .. just take it easy and no heavy lifting that's what they told me and hope scan goes well x


Please try not to worry, I have had ten or eleven bleeds throughout my pregnancy. Most of them heavy and all of them bright red then changing to brown. I've been admitted a few times because of it but only when I was over 20 weeks, before then it was checking out at A&E then back for scans the next day but always quite vague and non committal. My consultant keeps debating on the cause, I was told it was because of an ectropian cervix and they are pretty sure it's that but not a 100% convinced. My first bleed was at 14 weeks and my last one was at 34. I'm now 38+2 and being induced on my due date. Bleeding is one of the scariest things in pregnancy and I really feel for you but try not to worry. If it is not something that can be seen on a scan then it is likely you might never get a firm explanation. Make sure they look after you. Take care xxxx


Hiya, I had a heavy blood loose when I was pregnant with my 3rd at 12w. I was actually told in the hospital that thy suspected I had had a mc. I had an emergency scan & I hadn't. I had a hematoma in my womb which had ruptured when my cervixs stretched. I bleed brown blood for about 10w after. Thy say brown blood is old.


Hello, All,

Thank you for your encouraging emails. Unfortunately, I was admitted into hospital early this morning. I had a scan this afternoon that showed a sac and a bit of tissue consistent with a much younger pregnancy than the 12 weeks I thought. It looks, therefore, like I have miscarried.

Once again, thank you for your support. Hopefully this will soon feel like a bad dream.


So sorry to hear this :-( be strong and I'm sorry for your loss x


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