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breast feeding

hello. I haven't been on this for a while, my hansome big boy is 8 weeks already,

im breastfeeding, a few weeks ago I expressed a few ounce and my hubby gave him it, he was fine at taking it with bottle, during the week grans going to look after my boy till I get some Christmas shopping in so im going to try and express milk, just im not sure how much I will roughly need and whens best time for me expressing so I can try and get enough,

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Hey, good to see you back :-)

How much is the million dollar question. My baby is 9 weeks ang I have been expressing daily for about 2 weeks now with a manual pump and I can normally get about 110-120ml (~4oz) off per pump session. They say the morning is the most fruitful time, I normally do it after the 7/8am feed. As you know boobs work on supply and demand so it might take a few days for your body to recognise that it needs to produce more & you might wish to keep it up once you've started.

My partner is starting to do the odd bottle feed & he's been taking 120ml/4floz which doesn't sound much and he finishes quite quickly but we limit it to that, if he appears unsatisfied I can easily top him up as am there. We are trying to establish how much he should be drinking as have some nights out coming up but think it'll be trial and error. One night he took 2 of my 120ml bottles back to back which sounded like loads up me for his age?! X


hey there :) thank you

dosent the weeks fly by, that's great that you have been expressing daily, I will have to start and do it daily so I manage to get enough, the thing is gran has said about looking after my boy on Monday now so im not sure if I will manage to supply enough by then, itl just be for the day but don't think that will be possible for me to express enough plus still have to feed him, and hes a very big boy so im sure he takes quite a lot of milk as he feeds quite often, ive a medela electric mini pump ive jst used it once so far, a few weeks ago,

did he take 2of 120ml bottles lol, hungry horris lol, its a lot different with a bottle I think a lot of babbies would just keep guzzling, im sure that's what my boy would do,


x x


If I give my 7 week old a bottle I give him between 120 and 140ml. Any more than that, as he guzzles too fast from the bottle, despite using a newborn teat, he is sick. You could just express a little bit after each feed if you only have until Monday, rather than doing it all at once. Depends how you feel but you could mix a little bit of formula in with the milk if you don't have enough for the day.


Am not sure you'll get a days worth of feed by Monday so like CheekyP said you maybe have to mixed feed. Personally as I feed breast only I would postpone until I have a good few bags/bottles worth.

I got a good deal on storage bags from Amazon. Lasinoh brand. Xx

Ps....have u tried a bottle since??


im quite chuffed this morning as last night was the the longest he slept, from 10 till 5 then 5:15 till 8:30 :) he,s usually up a few times at night, so this morning I fed him +expressed other side +got 5 ounce, im so chuffed that I managed to get all that, ( im still in shock he slept all that time lol)

ive never tried a bottle again since, think best to try again before gran has him,

on Monday im still going to leave him for a we while but not all day,

can you add formula in with breastmilk ?

ive got a few cartons of formula just incase ever need them, but I want to try + continue just with breast milk ,

did you get a great deal, I,ll have to have a nose on amazon :)

thanks for the replys :) :)


If you end up going with formula, make sure you take your breast pump with you - don't want to risk mastitis xxx


That's great that you got 5oz and like you my bubs has just started skipping the early feed which was 2.30/3.30am usually. At first I thought it was a fluke but he did it on consecutive nights! Taking in 7hrs sleep then another 2 maybe. Last night he did 8hrs but not been able to get back to sleep since, power naps on boob but cannot put down.

He had his 8wk vaccine Friday so think he's not totally himself but not as bad as was expecting. I think he's got a bit of tummy ache and have found he sicky after nearly every feed last few weeks....the cottage cheese stinky variety....many more bibs needed and am washing much more! Xx


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