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Anyone else have a Tommee Tippee movement sensor that gives false alarms?

On Wednesday night I put my daughter to bed as usual, and an hour later the alarm sounded. I went flying upstairs to find her sleeping peacefully, in a deep sleep but definitely breathing. She had quite a start when I launched at her. That night it went off a further 4 times, once when I had just got back into bed(about 1 1/2 metres away) and could hear her breathing. I took her to the docs who gave her a once over and said her heart and lungs were normal and strong. It went off again this morning but again she was absolutely fine. She is now sleeping through the night, however,I am not as I keep waking up as I have lost all confidence in the device that is supposed to give me peace of mind.

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Does it have a 'sensitivity' dial on the main unit like the AngelCare does? It may be set to too sensitive a setting for your mattress etc. you can adjust this on the AC - assuming TT the same?


My angel care beeped but the alarm didn't go right off I panicked I was half asleep rocking him in his moses basket but he was ok so put it down to a false reading. .. he had seemed to wiggle to the top of the moses basket so maybe he was just off the monitor check ur monitors position again make sure it's in the middle of their body when u lay them down, and like dr fluffy said check sensitivity setting x


Yup - according to their website, there's a sensitivity dial. You need to adjust it x



It was already high as I had changed it from when she went into the cot from the Moses basket. I'm still using it as I'd rather keep waking up as I wouldn't sleep properly anyway. I'm waiting for a reply from their customer services as I contacted them on twitter and they got back to me pretty sharpshooter.


Do I need to turn it down? I'll check the website, I read the instruction book again yesterday. Confused now.


I've still not fully worked out how to logically adjust ours! To get it right, I played with the dual until it didn't sound with my LO in his crib, but sounded after 20 sec once I took him out xxx


I think I've cracked it! I put a piece of plywood under the mattress with the pad on top and tried each setting combination until it picked up her movements pretty much all over the cot bed when she was asleep and lying on top of her sleeping bag. 2 nights of uninterrupted sleep and a lot more relaxed. Yay!

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