Weird dreams, what's going on?!

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and for the past week or so have been having the weirdest dreams! Some have just been, well, weird, others are plain scary. Last nights was a corker - in hospital for some reason having had an operation on my chest, two scars close to each other, no drip in as the nurse had forgotten to put one in, then my husband comes in to pick me up. The scars somehow end up on his thigh, he pulls the stitches out and opens up the scar! Looks at me and says Whoops! (Muscle and bone perfectly visible along with clotted blood from the scar *heave* ) I decided at that point getting up seemed like the best idea. Anyone else having weird/scary dreams?

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  • Yes I went through a weird and vivid dream phase. It seems to have gone now. It's all perfectly normal, if a bit disturbing!

  • Yep I also had weird/scary dreams about giving birth !!! I dreamt I was giving birth to a lil girl of about 5-6 years with pig tails and it was shouting mamma at me !!!! Totally bizarre as I had a lil boy lol but yeah the dreams are totally normal I think lol xxx

  • I posted on here a couple of weeks ago that I'd had a weird dream where I gave birth, wrapped the baby in a blanket, put it in the bottom of my handbag and went to the pub!! :S

  • Hey, I had a few odd dreams too, I had given birth in a kitten in a super large fish tank. I know what brought this on, I think the fish tank reference was to do with watching 'One born every minute' as the women on there are completely exposed as in no privacy with the cameras and the kitten reference was I suspect something to do with using my phone app, looking at the size and weight of the baby and comparing it to the size of a kitten as I am a Vet Nurse. That was just one example, its the one I remember most vividly. Maybe your dreams have hidden meaning?? x

  • I had a few bizarre dreams. The worst was where my baby started poking his fingers through my skin when I was pregnant....this was once in real life he had started moving loads more and dragging his limbs across my belly. Obviously the feeling prompted the dream!!

  • Similar to cheekymonkey I dreamt I gave birth and then it turned out to be a kitten. I'm not a vet nurse, so no idea where that one came from! I'm 28 weeks and still getting the odd very weird, very vivid dream! x

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