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just a general feeling "meh" post

I haven't done many posts but for some reason I really need to let this out of my system.

I'm 29weeks and feel like i did in the first trimester. No energy, feeling really tired even after an ok night sleep, and even nearly fainted yesterday (luckily my oh was there to lean on and take me to the bedroom). Struggling to focus at work and get motivated. I can see the end in sight though, as after tomorrow I will have 4 working weeks left before being off for maternity. I'm really glad that I was able to save my holidays and use 3 weeks worth before my leave actually started. I dont think i wouldve coped with having another 7 weeks at this point.

My oh has been great though, even if he has been pre-occupied trying to get a mortgage. He was down yesterday as he was told some bad news that will delay us getting a mortgage and a house. He forgot to update the electoral register and the electoral commission said they wont update us until Feb 2014. He didnt take this too well and decided to put a tirade of blame on me and shouted. He later apologised after the tears dried up. Stress is such a horrible thing and can manifest in so many different ways.

Also, I went to an antenatal class expecting "Preparation for Parenthood" but was booked into the wrong class and got "Preparation for Labour", the one class I hoped to avoid lol. I was taking the ignorance is bliss approach but we stayed anyway and it was a little informative and scary. My boss has been understanding most of the way but has been getting a little upset at the amount of time I've had to take off due to apptmts and things. I now have to rearrange another shift to attend the actual class next week. She is not going to be happy.

All in all, its not been a great week. Just looking as forward as possible now to try and gain back some PMA. Need a boost really. Sorry for the moan, I really needed to sound off on something and figured this was the best place. So, thank you for reading xx

Also, I've really been craving yoghurt and mullerice..... cant get enough of the stuff, its 11:36 and I've had 2 pots already :S

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Bless, one of those kind of weeks, just think it's not so very much longer - and use this site to moan all you need. I did loads during those last few months and really really helped. The no energy, feeling off might or might not go away, but make sure you take some time out for you and OH. My OH started making sure once a week we went out for dinner. Frustrated the hell out of me as could hardly walk and eating was my least favourite thing to do, so meant he was fussing over me even more than normal, but we needed that time with just the two of us spending time together doing something and thinking about something not completely pregnancy related. Looking back now I'm very glad we did that x


I found the 3rd trimester the worst and I was in mine july/aug when it was which didn't help with the sleeping situation. least ur oh realised tht he had upset u, ur both going through a big change and with mortgages etc it makes it more stressful, we bought and moved when I was 30 weeks in june....never again. I wouldn't worry about ur work they hav to giv u the time for these appointments, she will get over it, lol I craved milk in 3rd trimester and in a week I myself went through 10pints in a week lol, not long now, I don't really remember pregnancy anymore the last 9 weeks hav gon so quick xx


Your vent is entirely fair enough. 3rd trimester starts to get a bit wearing so it's a very good idea to take that holiday.

My nct class on labour was a bit terrifying, some useful stuff but I also think you can know too much. And it's full of veiled propaganda against using pain relief and pro home birth. Great for meeting people though so hopefully your boss'll forget by the time you are back from mat leave!

I also found grumpy hormone kicked in in 3rd trimester. My other half and I just had a serious snap about his wanting to keep the heating on constantly at 21 degrees. Feel like a big sweaty heifer. Not helped by the fact that 70% of my calorie intake is chocolate biscuits and I've put 3 stone on!

Hang on in there and get as much sleep as you can, defo helps pull you out of the doldrums! Xx


yeah i found the class very anti pain relief. bigged up the tens machine and the gas n air but said to wait until u are 4cm dilated before coming in...i wouldve thought u went in as soon as u felt time was upon u. I am very naive lol but the meeting people part was fun.

poor u with the heat...21degrees is like normal but to us with a little more insulation right now its like a sauna ha! tell ur oh to wear more sweaters :P xx


A rant is good for the soul, let it out! :) as for your boss try and shrug it off, she has to let you go so she just has to suck it up. She'll have to cope without you a lot more soon! As for you counting down the last 4 weeks, I am already counting out how soon I can get outta there lol! Xx

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thanks everyone, i feel so much better getting it all out. just felt so over whelmed this week xx


Sending you huge hugs and a vat of sympathy. You're three quarters of the way there and it can't last forever (as I keep telling myself!)


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