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Feeling funny

Well that's me 37+4 and for the past two days have just not been feeling right, especially today. Was very very weepy today which is not like me at all. Have been having a lot of very sharp pains in private area, and a lot of pressure at bottom of bump which comes and goes. I'm also feeling almost flu like - hot and cold spells, been very shakey, no energy, chest feels tight and just feel like I don't know what to do with myself! I can't sleep either :( I can't explain it but I just don't feel myself! Could this be a sign of things to come? I haven't noticed at all if my mucus plus has come away yet. Sorry for rambling on, first pregnancy and just feel completely clueless!x

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Oh hun! I feel the same way too, I'm 37+5 and can't sleep and feeling very constipated I think the baby want to make his way to feel comfy as for the delivery, I also had some sharp pains down there when I'm moving bt as long as no mucus has come out we still fine, just hang in there and relax a lot, lying on the side do help also and support yourself with a pillow for easy breathing, I thought I was the only one bt its normal in few weeks we'll be holding our little ones! That's worth all the suffering


Hi there dont worry to much everyones body is different and reacts to pregnacy differently . I should know this is no 5 for me and each one has been different. Your probaly getting excited and worried about the birth so emotions are all over the place.As for the pains and presure below i get pains below and presure like that im 33 weeks. It is the head down baby putting presure on down below and your babies head could be starting to engage by now getting ready for the big day in a couple of weeks. Some women get a blocked nose all through the pregnancy so its like having a cold all the time. Try to relax go for small walks eat healthy and most of all look after yourself think of all the work your body is going to do on babies big day .Enjoy feeling baby inside you because before you know it baby will be in your arms .


I kept feeling shaky. .. it's hirmones but things sound like they are def changing but it doesn't mean u will have bubba soon I'm afraid. ..u don't always lose ur mucus plug I didn't with 4 of mine only the 5th... these last week's are so hard. .. but u will be holding that baby in ur arms very soon xx


I'm 38 weeks today and same - can't sleep at all :(

Baby's head is 3/5 engaged but no plug or pains yet apart from increased pelvic pain. Can feel baby's head pushing down. Had pelvic pain from 26 weeks but now it hurts to walk and lying on my side in bed is hurting my hips too.

I really wanna rest and am so tired but I just don't know what to do with myself!

Do all these things mean baby is on the way?? I don't think I can take another 4 weeks of this!



I've just been to my midwife appointment and they are querying wether my waters have gone! Being examined later on to see what's happening. Boy this little man is giving everyone the run around!! Wish he would just decide if he's coming or not!x


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