Should i go for my 12 week scan - i am scared to attend hospital as i have been told i have no immunity to rubella?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and due to go for my 12 week scan next week but i have just been told that i have no immunity to rubella and should stay away from anyone with rubella symptoms (50% of cases have no symptoms though, so this is very hard to do!) and i am concerned that attending the hospital will expose me to unnecessary risk . I work from home and so have not had much exposure to the general public/young children so far. I also had a scan at 11 weeks due to a small bleed and thank fully everything was ok at this stage. I am considering cancelling the scan but still going for the 20 week scan as the risk is much lower at this point. I would be grateful for any opinions as i am so worried.

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  • Most adults have been immunised against rubella so I would imagine its younger children that your be more at risk from...if your really concerned then give the hosp a call and explain...maybe they can let u wait in a separate room..I personally would go for your 12week scan as it's a dating scan and also they do the nuchal fold check for downs x

  • Thank you - that is such a good idea to ask if I could wait in a separate room x

  • Or see if you can get first appointment of the day. But it is important to have that scan. I'm sure if you call them they could help you :-)

  • I had the MMR in 2007 after having my son and have got to have another in January. Some people just cannot keep hold of immunity to something's. I wouldn't let it take over your life.

  • My mum has this issue and during pregnancy would get top up jabs. No idea if they do that kind of thing now or not. Also, she found out that she had this problem when she contracted German measles when pregnant with my brother....who is healthy and 30 years old :-) I think it's very rare that you will actually catch it and if I were you I would go to the scan. Don't miss out, I'm sure you'll be fine :-) x

  • Thank you everyone - everyone's advise has been great and made me feel more reassured :) I think i am just one of those people that can't hold on to immunity. I called the hosptial and they were lovely about it and I did go for my scan and blood test but i waited outside until it was my turn. x

  • Glad you felt able to go :) x

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