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Hi all just wondering, as I'm getting a little confused my little girl is still breech and I'm 33 weeks now and starting to worry

I don't want a c section if I can help it. Can anyone recommend anything to do to help move her? I have midwife next week who said will book me in for scan etc and discuss options if still breech (she has been for a while now!)

I have also seen things on being offered a sweep, is this only offered if complications or offered anyway from 36 weeks?

Thanks x

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It's known that for babies who may be breech or in not a ideal position for birth may wait until the last minute "I.E labour day" to turn but there are some positions & maybe equipment you could try in the mean-time in attempt to turn her / him for etc...

Using a exercise / birthing ball for a few minutes every day, these are good as "by sitting/rolling on it" you are allowing your pelvic bone area to move around which also may help the baby to move around.

or, you could try doing something "at home" which can allow you to be on "all fours" ( hands & knees).



My baby turned head down between 35 and 36 weeks having been transverse the whole time up till then so don't worry still time. I tried lots of walking, sitting on birth ball and generally trying to maintain a good upright posture and kneeling on all fours. No idea whether that worked or he simply decided to move himself but worth a try!


Mine was breech too and turned at 37 weeks, I didn't try anything and he still turned. I also had a meeting to discuss c-section and was offered a procedure to turn the baby around, but I heard that the latter hurts a lot. I hope everything goes well.


I had the procedure to turn a breech baby.....I have to say I would not recommend it, it does hurt and isn't always successful. Mine wasn't and I ended up with a c-section (even though I found out after the operation he'd actually turned and it wasn't seen because a scan wasn't done before the section)


Thanks for ur replies I hope she moves herself. Might invest in a ball :-) x


This website may be some help, I've used it and so have friends and it does work! - spinningbabies.com/


I went for a scan as midwife thought my lo was breech (can't remember how many weeks I was) but it turned out she just had a bony bum! You've got lots of time still for her to turn. Like the other ladies say get on all fours, I was told to clean my kitchen floor and any other non-carpet floors on all fours!

I did a hypnobirthing course and the teacher said that if my baby was breech we could try a meditation for turning her, not painful and a lot more successful than the manual turning. It's about relaxing enough that the muscles allow space for baby to turn. I did the mongan method of hypnobirthing and just googled mongan method in my area to find a teacher, they might do a meditation to turn the baby without having to pay for a full course if you ask.


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