Pregnancy triggering migraines

I've only ever had one migraine before, about 3/4 years ago. However I've now had two in a week, and I'm wondering if the hormone changes of pregnancy are triggering them? I went half blind this morning whilst driving, all flashing lights on one side, and had to be rescued by my parents and driven home, then sensory aura kicked in and my hand arm and lips went numb and tingly. Only lasted a short while, and the headache's not too bad at the mo, but is this likely to continue?? Heading to optician this afternoon, but wondering if Dr should also be on the calendar? Anyone else experiencing migraines?


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  • Midwife today mentioned to me that migranes in pregnancy can sometimes be an indication of high blood pressure in pregnancy and best to check it out with the midwife.

    She recommended any headaches, to take 2 paracetemol and sit in a dark room for 30 minutes. If the headache doesn't ease then to go see the midwife.

    Hope that helps! x

  • I started getting bad headaches at the start of my second trimester, especially behind my eyes. I went to the optician because I thought the pain was so intense just behind my eyes but the optician said my eyes were healthy and I had perfect vision so I asked my midwife at my next appointment and she said headaches were common among pregnant women and if they get worse I should contact her or go to the doctor. Thankfully the headaches stopped after a week or so and I haven't had one since! Yours sound quite bad though and I would definitely check with your midwife or GP to be on the safe side :)

  • Def get checked out having numb arm and lips etc doesn't sound like normal migraines at all! My Friend when she was pregnant experienced bad migraines them would lose her vision.. them her face would go numb and her tongue... and they finally gave her an mri which revealed a tiny clot on her brain. .. and they took ages to diagnose it...she was fine and so was baby but I think if she hadn't been pregnant they would of looked at the signs more seriously rather than putting it down pregnancy migraine. ..Im sorry if I've worried u but please don't leave it x

  • I popped to GP and she wasn't too concerned, just said it was probably the racing hormones of early pregnancy triggering them and they'll probably settle as the hormones do. Hope so! Mind you, didn't mind the excuse to sleep for 4 hours this afternoon, can't get enough of that at the moment! Lol

  • I would definately speak to your midwife as I had migraines in the latter stages of my pregnancy and it turns out I was getting pre eclampsia

  • I got headaches at beginning of pregnancy and being a wearer of glasses ur eyes can change due to hormones so where ur sight might of been gd previously it may now not b so great and u may need to strain ur eyes to focus x

  • I am a mugrane sufferer but when I fell pregnant the eased off loads n it wasn't until I hit my third trimester that they seem to have come back, although they are diff to the ones I usually suffer with but you must be carefull as you get on in yur pregnancy as headaches can be a sign of pre eclampsia!! I have to now go to a neurologist about mine. Best thing to do I have found is when getting migraine to lay down as soon as possible n take paracetamol every 4 hours hot baths n plenty of rest xx

  • I got my eyes checked in case, was free anyway :) all good, no change since my last test but you're right it's worth checking as I read your eyes can change a lot with pregnancy. I think as I'm only early on it's not going to be anything to worry about blood pressure wise, just the hormones, but will keep an eye and hope it doesn't continue all the way! Could be worse, I know sickness could be on the cards and I'm just a bit queasy, so not going to complain too hard! :)

  • I had exactly the same as you. I'm now 14+6 and I've had 3 episodes. All three times I've lost my vision like you explain and the last time, I lost my speech too. All followed on with a migrane. I've never had a migrane before pregnancy. I went to the doctor who sent me to A&E to see the stroke nurse. They sent me for an MRI scan and they referred me to a neurologist. NO ONE could find anything wrong with me. After being admitted to the hospital and an overnight stay. I spoke to my midwife in the morning and she said the likely hood is that it's because of hormones and dehydration. She told me to drink 3 litres of water a day which is tough at first but now i'm used to it and no more headaches and no more episodes so far. Make sure you're drinking lots and lots of fluids but do pop to your GP. if nothing else I got a full MOT and know I'm in perfect working order but it's nice to put my mind at rest, you're probably just dehydrated but better to be sure. Let your midwife know too. Hope you feel better soon xx

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