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Not knowing??

I went for a growth scan today as been measuring big. Basicly all they said was extra fluid. Well why didn't they tell me why? Or why has it just been picked up on or what effect does this have on my pregnancy and my baby. Was kept waiting over and hour after the scan to be told the consultant too busy to see me but isn't worried and that I should see him at 40 weeks! That's 6 weeks away wot if somethin happens between then. This is my first pregnancy so I don't understand why I have not been made to feel at ease or why I have no answers.

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You need to call someone and ask for an explanation, as it can be a number of reasons. However take confidence in the fact the consultant was not worried xxx


I agree, if the consultant is not worries you shouldn't be, but it's not ok for you to be left in a tizzy about it. I would call the hospital and talk to the head midwife or similar. I did the same thing when

I was going crazy after 20 wk scan and they got me in the next day to see someone. It saved me spending weeks worrying over nothing and I am so grateful I did it! Better for bubba too!



How much extra fluid? It will be in the report - often given as the 'deepest pocket'. How far through are you ?

Try not to worry too much - my friend was told something similar by a very nervous ultrasonographer, but it was only a fraction high, and there were no problems with her pregnancy.

Obstetrics is so litigious, people often over call things out of fear of being accused of missing something borderline. I had two weekly growth scans, but luckily all by my consultant (save 2 done by another) - if the figure were really than bad, I'm sure the consultant would have booked you a repeat scan on his/her list ASAP (for the same reason as above). Xxx

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my mum carried really massive with my youngest brother and it was all excess fluid. She delivered him at 6lb6 (so relatively small) a few weeks early and he was really healthy. Try not to worry, but if you can, get to a drop in clinic with a midwife and have them explain to u face-to-face as in my experience, they try to fob u off over the telephone and avoid many issues xx


I had extra fluid (95th centile) which was only picked up at 38 week scan. Consultant wasn't concerned but community midwife made me feel quite anxious after I discussed with her. I called the labour ward to discuss and was reassured. I gave birth at 40 weeks and one day followed an induction (not related to the extra fluid) and apart from flooding the place when my waters were broken it made no difference. Daughter was 8lbs 3oz and all was well. Ring and ask for more information x


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