Recommended teats for breastfed nippers?

Hi all, my little lady is now 5 weeks old and growing at a rate of knots (11lb 14oz at last weigh-in!)

She is breastfed but I'm reaching the point where expressing the odd feed would be handy. I offered her a Tommee Tippee bottle yesterday which her big brother happily took, but she was not amused! My partner also tried feeding her but she still wouldn't take it. I'm going to have another bash in a couple of days with the Tommee Tippee but wondered if anybody has any suggestions of bottle brands that breastfed babes like to try next if she still isn't keen?

Thanks :-) x

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  • I am using tommee tippee but I found tht if I was in the room when my boyfriend fed my son with the bottle he wasn't interested..these babies aren't silly, he caused a fuss but as soon as I bf him hes fine. try going out the room while someone else feeds her, I left my son with the mil and he quite happily had a bottle from her as I was nowhere to be seen, by all means try other teets, parantly the nuk ones r ok but maybe see of above works before spending x

  • My little boy had his first expressed bottle feed on Sun when he went out with his dad. I use the Tommee Tippee back to nature bottles and pump. He was very happy to drink from these. I think it helped that I wasn't around and he was somewhere not associated with home and breast feeding. He was just over 4 weeks on Sunday.

  • It is said that breastfed babies prefer the wide-neck teats but I do not know of any research to back it up.

  • We've used Tommee Tippee for expressed milk and evening formula since the beginning with no issue. I like them as my LO latches in to them like the boob :-)

  • Hi I breastfed both my kids. I pretty much tried every bottle with my son (Tommee tippee, Medela calma, NUK, Avent to name just a few) and he wouldn't accept any brand. Thankfully my daughter eventually took to the NUK bottles but it did take a long time to get her to drink a 180ml feed as she would rather have the minimum to drink at nursery and make up for it when she got home. Good luck.

  • Hi, I am BFeeding & Expressing. My little boy will happily drink from the Avent slow flow teat to make him work for it a little. Tonight my partner fed him expressed and then I topped him up shortly after and no problems at all :-) X

  • Thanks for all your replies ladies. I reckon she might just be being a diva! I'll let daddy have another bash with the TT's when I'm not around (my son also wouldn't bottle feed to begin with when he could see me - they're really not daft are they!) and if she's still unhappy we'll try Avent, they seem to have a pretty good success rate.

    Thanks again xx

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