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Hoe much milk to express for a feed?

Hi everyone

My little girl is 4 weeks & 3 days and we're planning to try her soon with a bottle of expressed breath milk for one of her feeds. As I've been breastfeeding her up to now I have no idea how much she's drinking each time & so how much to express - does anyone know roughly how much she should be getting per feed at this age?

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For my little boy who is 6 weeks I have been expressing 4-5 ounces and have given him that amount for an expressed feed since he was 2 weeks x


I've just started expressing with my boy who is 1 month old. He seems to take around 3-4 oz per feed but he is a bit of a frequent feeder (approximately) every 2 hours. He was 8lb 11oz at his last weigh in.


Hi, just thought I would chip in and remind you that your baby is able to get more milk from your breast than you can when expressing, so you may find it necessary to express on more than one occasion to get enough milk for one feed. Also some mums find expressing easier/more productive than others. Guidlines say that, if possible, you should delay expressing as long a possible and not before 6 weeks. This is to ensure that breastfeeding is well established and to reduce the liklyhood of latching problems developing. Also remember that expressing does not stimulate milk production as well as breastfeeding. My intention is not to disuade you from expressing but to ensure that you are able to continue to breastfeed if you want to. I hope all goes well.


Thanks everyone :-)


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