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Hoping my time is near.. Feeling utter crap!

Hello ladies :) hope all is well with everyone & little ones!

Well that's me only two and a half weeks to go, and I've gone from feeling great to feeling awful since yesterday! The little man dropped last night, my bump is significantly lower than it was and is now sitting on my legs when I sit down! The pressure on my pelvis is awful now and lying down has become near unbearable with the constant sharp pains. I'm now feeling sick most of the day and I'm having spouts of diarrhea (sorry for tmi!)

Getting regular phone calls and messages from friends and family checking to see if I've popped which is so annoying as it is round the clock!! The worst one being "have you not popped yet?! We are dying to meet him!" I must sound like a moody cow but I'm just finding it so annoying now and im almost feeling pressure off everyone! He is first gran child on both sides of two large family's so has a lot of people excited to meet him!

I know the little man will come when he is ready, but I do hope it's soon! Mummy is needing a rest, think I've forgotten how to sleep!!xx

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Not long!! The constant messaging and stuff is ridiculous! It's like you can control baby's arrival!! Hope you feel a bit better and it won't be too long til bubba comes :-)


I now know tht the last few weeks were harder than any other time during pregnancy, do what I did, as most of my friends/family r on facebook, I put a status up saying please don't call, tx to ask if I had my son as I will let you all know as soon as, it was lovely I didn't get any calls/tx for a few days lol. I hate to break it too u but u wont get a rest when hes here, its go go go. take care anyway and just try and relax xx


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