We have a heartbeat!

Went for the scan today at the EPU to see how far along I am and they are estimating about 7 weeks, so further than I thought! We have our own little baked bean :) very little, not quite 1cm, but saw a heartbeat. Referred to midwife now and hopefully get the next scan in about 5 weeks. Nice Christmas surprise for the family if all goes well til then!

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  • Aw that's lovely!! Hope all does go well for you. Stay as positive as you sound :-) Congratulations x

  • Thats fab news hun.i am so so happy for you :-) keep positive and hopefully the next few weeks will fly by xd

  • woohoo!! go u!! baby bean will thrive now. Congratulations doris, enjoy this wonderful time xx

  • Yeah that's fab news fingers crossed all goes well xxx

  • What lovely news - try to relax and enjoy it xx

  • Ah lovely big Congrats x

  • Yay :) congratulations!!xx

  • Wonderful news, congratulations! Such a good idea to get an early scan, helped me stay sane! Xx

  • Congratulations x. Lots of positive vibes from here and hopefully the next 5 weeks will go quickly for you xx

  • Thanks all! :) xx

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