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Hey guys,

I'm sure this is probably a regular feature question but I'm unsure how to search for specific material on here so I am very sorry.

I've been thinking about labour and preparations for it. One thing that I havent been advised on yet is what to bring to maternity ward when in labour. I've made a list from NHS website and most is for mum, not for baby. Can anyone tell me what you brought / plan to bring with you?

And for those that have been through it, what were u advised to bring that u did not need.

Baby has been head down since week 25 and bump is measuring at the top end of the scale at 28 weeks. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow and with the big 3-0 looming, I want to make sure I've got everything I need incase baby comes early (which me and my partner both feel will happen even though I know u cant predict these things lol).

Thanks all as always xxx


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  • For baby, I took clothes, hat, scratch mits, blanket for coming home, pack of nappies, wipes (was told off for bringing wipes! Said I had to use cotton wool and water.. that lasted all of a week!) I packed such as samples of bum cream, bubble bath etc but again they said not to use them so don't bother with anything like that!! Oh and I took my own nice fluffy towel fir after his bath as hospital towels are like sand paper!!

    Regards clothes, take a few bits in case you have to stay in, just sleep suits and an outfit for coming home if you want. I took new born and first size things but had to send hubby out for tiny baby stuff, even though he was 6.12 and tiny baby is usually up to 6lb the other sizes were huge and he was in tiny baby clothes for about a month!! :)


  • thank you, thats really helpful :) xx

  • No problem!! :) what are you taking for yourself?! X

  • loose clothes, pads, nursing bras, towels, entertainment (books etc) and a washbag. Thats what the nhs website recommends anyway :) x

  • A few further ideas for things you might want to take for you ... Nursing pads as well as maternity pads. An extra pillow. Some snacks/food to keep you going during labour. Nightclothes. Camera!

  • I took some slippers, really nice shampoo and bath/shower gel, that 1st bath/shower after giving birth is heaven! Also bobbles/hair and/clips to keep your hair off your face! Lib balm and moisturizer hospitals are like 100 degrees so skin and lips dry up quickly!! X

  • I'm 37+4 days today and just finished packing my bag! I think I'm a bit over prepared ha but oh well better to be over prepared I suppose! I got my list from a app on my iphone!

    For me I got: lots of cheap underwear, a few pairs of pjs, maternity pads and heavy flow towels, nursing bras x2,maternity t shirts x2, toilet bag(shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, stretch mark cream, moisturiser, hair brush, hair band, lip balm, face wipes, anusol just incase! Breast pads) slippers, socks, dressing gown, going home outfit, cardigan to wear round ward,phone charger and a towel for me :)

    For bump: cotton wool, dummies, 3 burping clothes, 6 sleep suits, blanket, 3 hats, scratch mittens, socks, snow suit, going home outfit and then his car seat and extra blanket will be in the car :)

    Also taking my maternity pillow and got told to take my maternity ball and keep in car as they don't always have enough to go round! Also have magazines, books and snacks for while we are in there :) and took a few spare t-shirts for my partner aswell as I've heard it's very hot in there!! Hope that's helps :) I've packed quite a bit, but we are quite a bit away from our hospital!x

  • My definites would be much the same as rachgibson above but I would also add to that some snacks and plenty of drinks. I was soooo thirsty - the hospitals are hot and the gas and air gave me a dry mouth! We took cartons and some bottles of lucozade. It also meant my husband didn't have to keep disappearing!

    I also took my make up and clothes as didn't want to sit barefaced in PJ's during the day with visitors - helped me feel more normal!x

  • Yeah take drinks for sure, I didn't want to eat till about 3 days after hugo was born, but I was forced to eat!! :(

    I took the low cal lucozade as it gives you energy but only 50cals but the midwife didn't recommend fizzy drinks as with all the breathing and gas and air it can make you more prone to vomiting, luckily my hospital provided an endless supply of flat lucozade sports drink which they highly recommend! They must have had some kind of contract with the makers if lucozade as there were posters everywhere! Lol.

    I think I took too much stuff, when I packed to go home I spent ages fretting I'd left things behind because post birth, my head was a shed! (Even more than normal!!)

  • boots have a gd list, I took 4 vests, 4 sleepsuits, a hat, blankets, nappies, cotton wool for changing as shudnt use wipes in first few days, nappy cream. make sure u hav loads of maternity towels and super thick ones, sometimes the maternity towels aremt as thick as sanitary towels, I went through about 7 packs after birth as I had to double up. for u take loads if knickers, I went to primark and got loads of cheap ones tht if the got ruined it didn't matter, I took 10 knickers but probli cud of done with more as I bled quite heavy in hospital. for ur going home clothes make sure they r loose fitting as the last thing u want is anything tight round ur tum xx

  • I'm planning om going to the birth centre and packed most of the stuff except for things to go in last minute. I was wondering though, do you need to take your own hairdryer? Birth centre gave me a list of what to bring and it wasn't on it. Don't think sitting with wet hair in the winter after that first shower would be that great! If anyone knows I would appreciate a heads up! :)

  • No hair dryer provided in my birth centre. I packed mine for both of my labours but didn't use it for either, the rooms are so hot and I was so knackered afterwards I just let it dry naturally. Pack yours just in case if you have room though, I doubt many centres would provide one x

  • I'd be surprised if you have the time or energy to blow dry your hair!

  • Not to style it or anything! Just to make sure it's dry! I've given up on my hair looking nice now. I had long hair after spending years growing it and went for a trim in prep for baby's arrival, long story but after a total of 3 trips in as many weeks to the most inadequate hairdressers in the world I now have a short bob! So really not gonna be bothering too much. My poor hair :(

  • Ahhh, the hospital I was in was like a sauna, think they are all melts really hot so it will dry quickly!! :) what a nightmare with your hair!! Did you complain? My hair is falling out!! Didn't loose any throughout pregnancy and until my son was a couple of months old! Then all of a sudden it's all coming out!! Slowing down now thank God!! :) xx

  • yeh the hospital is so hot and believe u and me u wont feel like drying ur hair u will just want to try and relax. I just took some hairbands and tied it up, I realised very quick tht what u look like is the least of ur worries

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