Nosy baby!!!

OK ladies so it seems I have the World's nosiest baby! As he's now 12 weeks old he can obviously focus a lot better now and enjoys looking around at everyone and everything. It's really lovely especially when he gives you that gorgeous smile first thing in the morning or when you pick them up.

However....when we're out and about he just doesn't sleep which makes him really cranky and ultimately overtired when we get home. He always used to snooze in his pram or car seat whilst we're out but now as soon as he realises where he is he's wide awake!

If we're at home he has no problem snoozing as he's in familiar surroundings - I don't want to have to stay in all day!!

I'm sure he'll grow out of this fascination but just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same?


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17 Replies

  • My baby is like that whether we are in or out!! It's knackering as he doesn't want to miss a thing and so is reluctant to nap!! Cheeky things x

  • Little monkeys aren't they!!! I've had to put Eoin to bed early tonight as he's been awake nearly all afternoon and was getting so cranky - he finally gave in and fell asleep x

  • James is in his pram snoozing but know he won't go to bed properly until after his next bottle about 10 or so.....surprised he's sleeping right now as it is. He's still a bit off key since his jabs! x

  • I'm cluster feeding with power naps on the boob as I do every evening and all he's had is a reluctant 20 min nap this afternoon! Health visitor came today, wants me to work on getting him down for a nap morning & afternoon, easier said then done when he wakes the minute you go to settle him down. X

  • On the whole Eoin goes down for a nap really well but once he's overtired he's seriously hard work!

    He does have a dummy though (although not at night) and he loves the comfort of a little blanket teddy - both together means that he usually settles himself off to sleep.

    I guess with BF they're so snuggled in to you that they really don't want to be lying in a cold pram or Moses basket! I think perseverance is probably the way to go and I've also heard some other Mum's on here put a top that they've been wearing in their basket to help them settle?

    Eoin is bottle fed but is now constantly trying to look around everywhere making it a bit tricky!

  • Yeah he's got my vest in there now, I have no trouble settling him night, I've decided to get him into bed earlier tonight as all I am doing is dealing with feeding, vomit & an over tired monkey, who will be smiling one minute and being sick and grizzling the next and so I think this is best tonight. My partners last night shift tonight so can share the load tomorrow :-)

    This baby of ours just wants to be held and he showed the health visitor today when she was settling him and just as she pulled him away from get to put him in the swing he started grizzling, pull him back in he stops, move him away he starts! He knows exactly what he wants and how to tell you.

    He pulls a right face too with the bottom lip curled down and I have to say to him, don't give me the face then I laugh! Xx

  • Eoin also gives some serious bottom lip action!! It works a treat on Nanny but like you I tell him to put his bottom lip in and get smiles - very sneaky!

    I've started putting Eoin down at 8pm every night now regardless of when his feed is due. It means I still have to get up once in the night but I'd rather do that than deal with his bottom lip!

    My husband has just started a new job so away from home Mon-Fri for 5 weeks so I'm on my own!!

  • Oh no poor you :( that's not going to be much fun. My OH only been doing nights about 3wks so it's taking a big if adjusting especially trying to pacify a baby when Daddy is sleeping right next door. Have now convinced him ear plugs are a good idea.

    I only moved the goal post by about an hour last night so this feed time (5am) not so bad :-) (never thought I would hear myself say that lol) x

  • Cheekymonkey3739, in some cultures babies are held until they can walk, so it's natural they want to be held. When my lo was little (she's 20 months now), I just wore her in a sling all the time at home, she slept on me and I had my hands free to do things. They're only little for a short while, so you don't have to do it for long.

  • I have a close Caboo which he doesn't mind and will nod off in but worry about him getting too hot. He's been self soothing a bit today, HV kept saying was a sucky baby and maybe a dummy to settle & take away. I said no, I can get him to sleep but he either wakes me minute I put him down or he might power nap 20-30 mins, not the 2hrs she said he should be having! X

  • You've got to do what you think is best, you know your baby, trust your instincts. Why too hot in the sling? If you just have a t-shirt on and then put a cardigan on after the sling and don't put too many layers on baby when he's going in the sling, he should be fine. You have to do what works for you. I didn't use a dummy either and every baby is different, some will just power nap, others sleep for hours, we're all unique!

  • I've had the same problem with Louis. He will nap in the car normally but once out he won't sleep. Cluster feeds early evening 4-7pm the out for the count until 5am. I've noticed after he's been on his mat in the morning he gets really tired so I feed and put down in crib so far so good 1.5hr nap is good. Afternoons are more tricky as sometimes I'm out all afternoon especially if kids have after schools clubs.

  • 2ndtimelucky, I decided to call it being inquisitive rather than nosy! Try hanging a muslin or blanket from the hood so it blocks his view, might help him to sleep.

  • Matthew is exactly the same, I had fedex come an pick something up yesterday and before hand he was quite happily playing in his pram but as soon as he heard a new voice he started crying and then when he was picked up was all smiles... Our walks now are wide awake cos he likes looking at the trees with no leaves on them. I can put up with the grouchy monkey during the day because he is sleeping 8 - 6.30 in his own room!

  • My daughter is the same if we are out she doesn't nap very well she likes to know what she's missing lol! But at home she will happily have a lovely long nap x

  • Two of mine were like this as babies...I used a large muslin/sheet and draped it over the pram so baby couldn't see worked for both of mine they would give in if they couldn't see and go to sleep. xxx

  • Thanks ladies!!! It seems our little babies just don't want to miss out on anything!

    Having said that we went out for a walk in the woods today - we were gone for an hour and he slept for 40 mins!!! He must of known I had written this post!

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