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One boob bigger than the other?

OK ladies, my little one is 4 weeks 4 days old and I am exclusively breast feeding but one of my boobs is a lot bigger and firmer than the other, i thought maybe because it has more milk or something but I put baby on there lots and lots the last couple of days and it never seems to go down. It is also very warm to touch, I thought I might have that infection that lots of mums get but although it is uncomfortable i am not in real pain? is it normal? the other one feels soft to the touch and I am worried they might stay like this?

Anyone have any ideas or reassurance? x

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Im exactly the same right now as my right breast is considerably larger than the left breast.

Even though my Lil one is only 6 days old she also seems to be feeding quite alot ( especially during the night feeds) ive found myself expressing some milk with my manual breast pump just for my breasts to have a little rest.

Im definitely hoping my breasts wont stay like this as we may have'to invest in some bra inserts. :-)



Could be mastits... is there like a red rashy area round ur breast at all and if it's tender and warm they are signs. .. do u feel ok in urself cos mastis can make u feel crap. .. think it's worth popping to ur g.p x


Agree it could be mastitis, I had it twice - nasty! Make sure you keep alternating boobs, the more you feed off one the more milk it will produce. Do you have a breastfeeding cafe in your area? They're a great place to get support and advice. Good luck.


Hiya, I had one larger than the other as it seems to be a better 'producer'. Do get checked by the health visitor or gp for mastitis but as winnie258 says the more you express or feed from that one side the more it will produce. I usually express a little in the morning if I am very uncomfortable and my LO hasn't fed for a while and freeze it for when we go out or if someone else needs to baby sit. Really hope it isn't mastitis. X


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