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Clicking when baby moves?!

Hello ladies, so for the last few weeks every time the little man moves there is a clicking noise? The noise you would get as if you were clicking your fingers! It may sound silly but I'm sure it's coming from him and only happens when he moves! I've got very clicky wrists and so does his dad! Do you think this could be his bones clicking when he's moving?!x

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Don't worry, my little man was making these kinds of noises, and like little pops of air as well, esp when turned over. almost convinced myself something was going to be wrong and he turned out to be perfectly healthy, in fact perfectly healthy and is growing into a big monster never mind a little one :) Its not his bones clicking you can't hear them yet and there bones are too soft to make noises like ours yet. I'm not sure what caused the noises, maybe just kicking off something else, something of ours and when they move the sound is what ever it is being released? Just a theory. My OH had a clicky hip when born and our LO was tested when born (all babys are) and is fine. Because his dad had we'll have a scan when he's about three months old, but the kicks he's giving now I doubt very much he has anything wrong! x


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