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Leaving baby for first time?

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My baby is 17days old and I've had a tough time lately, we stayed in the hospital for 4days and when we got out I struggled really badly feeling depressed and struggling with the lack of sleep, and my mum who I trust loads offered to have him over night I only live 10mins away and can get back to him in the blink

of an eye. Is it to early to leave him. It's not her first grand child she looks after my nephew alot and is good. He is bottle fed. But I'm worried it's to early but on the other hand I think it's better to have a break When I get stressed with him to enjoy him more.

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No it's not too early. Sometimes the break can do you the world of good and that in turn is best for you and your baby. There will be people that would say they wouldn't do that but I firmly believe that there is no right way yo to bring up your bubba (apart from the obvious stuff) and you need to do what's right for you and your baby x

Oh my goodness absolutely take advantage of this offer as long as your are happy and confident in your Mum which it sounds like you are. It is amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you and how you feel. As long as your not going to stay awake all night worrying I'd go for it xx

Thankyou, I needed tO hear that. I'm worried about leaving him but I need the break, and I'm fed up of people's opinions on oh no that's far to early... Etc... Not everyone copes the same. And I love him to pieces but for his sake we need a break to make the most of him. Thankyou! X

Sorry about the grammar - obviously didn't check before I sent!

Asian/Indian families all come together when a baby is born they all help out and mum is well looked after. ...well that's what my neighbour told me she stayed in bed and rested for 2 weeks while family done everything and helped look after the baby. ... sounds brilliant! U do what u have to its ur baby ur decision...u need help and u have someone to help u so take it while its there ur feel much better with a decent night sleep! X

I leave my son once a week with his grandma as it gives me a little break and time for them too bond..its also gd to get them used to being with other people xx

Ceribean, how old is your son? I feel much better about it now. Thankyou all x

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He is 8 weeks now but hav been leaving h since bout 3 weeks..at 5he beginning just a few hrs and when I want me time xx

Absolutely not too early!! Sounds like you really need it! You mum sounds more than capable. If you are feeling down and exhausted the break will do you the world of good and its not like you are going to be at the other side of the world!! Anyone that says it's too early clearly has not been in your position, and therefore have no right to comment!! :) plus, you are doing it for yours and your little ones welfare and best interests!! Girl I know left her 10 old for a night out drinking! That did anger me but you should not feel guilty at all!!

Make the most of it! Don't cook, get your favourite take away, glass of wine, nice bubble bath and relax! You really deserve it!! :)


We have to remember we are not superwoman! We do need a break now and again, it sounds as though your mum is more than capable and you aren't far. One. Ought may be all you need to recharge your batteries. When I was having a really tough day my mum came home and helped unpacked the shopping and sent me to bed so that I could sleep as I was totally shattered. Mums are the best! You must do what you feel is right for you and if you need that break and you trust that person, go for it. X

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