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After a stressful impatient week of waiting we went for our MUMS early pregnancy scan yesterday and all is well! What a relief!! Dating right at around 9 wks and a strong heartbeat and little bean is actually there! Still can't quite believe it! Very emotional! Mums were great,very supportive (I practically cried my eyes out and told them my life story of TTC for

so long!) 15 mins appointment went in a flash but I felt it was well worth the £85 for peace of mind. You also get a report to pass on to your midwife or at the next scan, several photos (although at this stage there is only a little bean shape to look at really- and a little heart moving!) and a DVD of the scan so you can watch it back and see the little heartbeat again! Sooo pleased, now just got to keep fingers crossed again over the next few weeks till my 12 wk scan...and try to be more patient!


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  • Great news! Must be such a relief! Xx

  • Great news and congratulations on your pregnancy. Look after yourself and see every week as another milestone. Xx

  • Lovely news x

  • Glad to read that all is well :-) not long till 12wk mark :-) xx

  • Great news :) after 2 miscarriages I was a bundle of nerves the entire 9months and often paid privately at the babybond clinics for peace of mind :) well worth the money, good luck xxx

  • Congratulations that's fantastic news :-)

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