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Being sick a while after bottle feed

LO is 12 weeks and just in the last week or so he seems to be bringing up very watery milk about an hour or more after his feed. It often comes without warning! Which happened to be all over my hair yesterday - nice!

He doesn't seem bothered by it but just seems weird. I wonder if it's where he's spending time lying down playing after feed time? I do wait a while.

Just wondered if any similar experiences?

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Hugo has been doing that lately! I was wondering if it was to do with the fact that I think he is teething therefore drooling a lot. Thought maybe as well as dribbling all over, he is swallowing a lot too? Xx


Wow it's so funny you say that, Eoin has been dribbling a lot too and everything you give him he puts straight in his mouth. He also seemed to be fussing a bit with his bottle but still had a good appetite. So far he doesn't seem bothered which is good but I'm going through bibs like there's no tomorrow! I guess we have to wait and see if any teeth appear although think they can 'teeth' for ages!


Haha! :)

Im sorry I couldn't help but "chuckle" a bit by you mentioning getting a whole load of sick in your hair

(these babies really do choose their times)

My view is as long as he doesn't have a problem with bringing up wind / burping when he's fed it's most likely a sign to say he's full-up for the next 4 hrs "at least"



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