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Bleeding during early pregnancy, what is normal?

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I am pregnant by 4 weeks (2 weeks from conception though) I started off 3 days with a light brown spotting that was similar to the start of a period. I phoned 111 and hey referred me to my doctor. I spoke to my doctor over the phone and she said bleeding is perfectly natural but then went on to say if I do loose it then it just wasnt meant to be. Since then the bleeding has progressed to be red/dark brown and Im needing to wear panty liners. Also when I wiped today I had a clear mucous and a glob of bloody stuff of what looked like lining. I have taken a test and it still says I am pregnant but I am worried that this is not normal. I have heard about people having period like bleeding during pregnancy and it being ok but then I have read alot about ectopic pregnancies. I dont have cramps but I do have tiny twinges much like you would have if you have eaten too much. Do I need to bother my doctor again? I feel silly and neurotic ringing them up. Ive got an appointment with the midwife on the 27th of November is it ok to leave it that long or should I try and see someone sooner.

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definately do not leave it til the midwife. Make an urgent apptmt with ur gp.

I had a miscarriage at 5/6 weeks gestation before this pregnancy and it was full blown red blood that leaked through night pads within a 2hr time gap. I had unbelievable cramps and nothing i did settled them.

If your having twinges, thats all normal part of early pregnancy. I was crampy within the first 7-8weeks of this pregnancy and had a bleed at 8weeks (this turned out to be a hemorrhage just below the sac and baby was fine). I'm now 28weeks gone with a very wriggly baby lol. You could be experiencing implantation bleed. Try not to worry, get checked over by a doctor as soon as you can be fitted in and if your cramps get worse, get to A&E.

Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy xx

Hi , although bleeding n early pregnancy is common, it is best to get it checked out. I have had bleeding in early pregnancy twice and when I checked with the hospital I was asked to come into A&E . Unfortunately I went to miscarry on both occasions within 12 weeks. Please try to get an early scan at the local early pregnancy unit, they monitor bleeding in early pregnancy. The scan will let you know how you are progressing with the pregnancy and will be reassuring, take care.

Have you got an early pregnancy unit in your local hospital? You should just be able to go in and get an early scan, I did when I was 5-6 weeks. Try not to think the worst though, lots of people have bleeding and everything turns out fine xxxx

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Most EPAUs won't see you until 12 weeks, so don't be down heartened if they won't see you. A GP (or A&E) can refer you for a scan though x

My local EPAU hospital saw me for a bleed at 6 wks and I was miscarrying & I contacted the Midwife at my GP's for the following pregnancy, I was given immediate booking appt once I had explained and she then referred me for an 8wk viability scan....and my boy is the product of that pregnancy. What I was not massively impressed by was my notes then said 'maternal anxiety', I just wanted viability scan to give me some faith that I had gotten past the stage my last 2 pregnancies had failed at and that I could start to look forward and not dwell on the past x

Bleeding does happen in pregnancy but it's not normal. ...u need to be checked but being so early they wouldn't be able to see anything at this stage. .. usually from 6 weeks onwards. ..u need to see a different g.p or if u can self refer to ur early pregnancy unit at ur local hospital. ..I bled the day after I should of come on my period and I bled For a month. ... had to wear a panty liner. .. went from Brown to light red. ..I bled For 3 months in my first pregnancy and both turned out ok. .. but u need to know what is going on so the early pregnancy unit is ur best place but they aren't open at wkds well not in my area. . Good luck x

I had bleeding with my first baby at about 6 weeks & my doc refferred me to epu for a scan but everything was fine. I bleed again at 8 weeks he is a happy healthy 5 yr old now. U need to ring your doc & ask for to be reffered for a early scan. Don't wait till your app with mw. When I fell pregnant with my 3rd I had light brown bleeding then it turned heavy at 9 weeks, I was having to change a pad about 5 times a day it eased but it lasted about 2 weeks. A test still said positive 8 weeks after I first started bleeding but I had lost it. Get checked out asap for peace of mind more than anything.


I don't know if you already have the answer you need but some bleeding in early pregnancy is OK. However in some cases it can be a sign of complications. In my local area my GP say that they can't really help and so they have told me to go direct to the Early Pregnancy Unit of my local hospital. I have been several times with different pregnancies and I have found that they are brilliant. Really helpful, kind, caring and supportive. Most of them also have a walk-in or emergency service. So I wouldn't bother with the GP or 111 but instead would look for the number of the Early Pregnancy Unit of your local hospital (if you live in a big enough area that they have one). And no way should you feel silly and neurotic bothering them. You are having actual symptoms that need checking out so do it straight away. But Babymother is right - they can't actually tell you 100% whether everything is OK until you get to around 6-7 weeks when they can find a foetal heartbeat. Take care of yourself, try not to worry as at the moment you don't know that there is anything to definitely worry about. Fingers crossed for you x

I've had 4 pregnancies, 1 healthy girl who is nearly 3, 2 miscarriages and I am currently pregnant at 33 weeks. My miscarriages were very different, one was spontaneous at 11 weeks and very painful/severe blood loss and one was a missed miscarriage. I felt pregnant with both as the hormones remain ok your body for some time. With my current pregnancy I had a gush of blood at 5 weeks and presumed the worst, after early scans they confirmed a blood clot and I was checked every 2 weeks but baby has been growing fine and no more bleeding. So I've had experience of bleeding for different reasons,

I would say that you should ask for a scan but they will probably just tell you that it's too early to see. I had a scan at 5 weeks and there was a gestational sac but not embryo was visible, by 7 weeks they could tell me if it had progressed. It might help you going but you may end up feeling nervous for a while longer...

The other thing they could check is to see whether your cervix is closed. That might help at the early stage.

Easier said than done because its horrendous to go through the worry but try to get through the next couple of weeks relatively worry free as things will then show themselves. Good luck with it all, hopefully all is fine.

Hey Guys, I saw the emergency GP yesterday. I was having a lot of blood with clots and some discomfort in my lower uterus. She took a urine test and said that I still have the hormone present but the levels are low. Its possible that I may still be pregnant but the likelihood is that I have miscarried. She said if I take a pregnancy test now it will still show as pregnant so I should take one in 2 weeks. I'm keeping the midwife appointment just in case I do turn out to be pregnant in 2 weeks time but I've kinda come to terms with that it may have gone. She said that if I was to be having an ectopic pregnancy then I would be in severe pain on one side of my uterus and I would not be showing so much blood without it, so that is a huge relief. She said that its just something that happens and should not affect my chances of getting pregnant later on. Thank you for all your advice, its great to hear that so many of you have gone on to have healthy pregnancies after having problems. Hugs to your babies xxx

it would be good to hear what happened... This is almost identical as to what's happening to me and not sure what to do?

I'm not sure if this is the same for 2 weeks and 4 days I have had all the signs and symptoms of a pregnancy. But today on the 7th of June (which I might add I had sex with my boyfriend on the 21st of may I think) now I'm bleeding I'm not sure if this is normal or its supposed to happen but it's worrying me. I have a low immune system so it doesn't show on a pregnancy test but I did a home one and it came back as a sign I was. I got my bloods done waiting for the results. I'm bleeding and I'm scared and anxious something is wrong the bleeding is light red with a few little clots or dead eggs as people call them. Can anyone answer my question I'm worried something is wrong?

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