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Just a little praise for NHS in Scotland

Ok so you all know how many problems I've had throughout pregnancy and since birth. Well finally seem to be on mend and can I just say if hadn't been for the NHS here I would not have managed. In England while I think the NHS is a good thing it depends where you live for the kind of service you receive. In Scotland its the same where ever you are (at least from what I've experienced). I know if I was still living in England I would have been terrified of giving birth in our local hospital even if everything had been fine.

Yes there's the odd person who needs an attitude change but that you find in any job. Everything has been immediately checked. When needed physio had within the week. Still with the pregnancy specialist now and even though should be referred over to normal physio she said she'll be keeping me until I'm better as she knows whats what. Had extra midwife checks just to see we were coping. HV been brilliant, now we coming to end of lots of checks and am still struggling with mobility, even though starting to get out a little been offered home help (well more outdoor help, someone to carry baby up and down stairs, to help with shopping and so on!). I turned it down, then wondered if should have, but HV said if you need it just ring and they'd refer over. I've not needed all services been offered, but they've all been on hand. Can't thank any of them enough x

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Wow lucky you and glad everything turned out fine for you at the end.

The NHS in England is coping with more than what it should, and the cuts are not helping either.


Totally agree!! I had fab care throughout my pregnancy


You've gave me some confidence in nhs Scotland. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x


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