help with possible conception date!!

can anybody help on this bfs ex girlfriend is pregnant she had her implant taken out at the end of july so doesn't know when her last period was so she says and my boyfriend has been back with me since the 12th august he slept with her up until this point but im pretty sure if she had got pregnant during that time she would have been further along..also during the time he got back with me on the week beginning 12th august the ex girlfriend slept with someone else a few times and I think that he is the father she is 12 or 13 weeks pregnant this Friday 8th November it is possible at all that this baby could be my boyfriends...does anybody have any knowledge to this please???

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  • What's her due date?

  • I don't know she hasn't told my boyfriend but I would have thought that if you count 40 weeks in with 12 or 13 weeks from this Friday then her due date would be the 16th May

  • If he was sleeping with her up till the 12th August it could b his if she was 14/15 weeks but this would depend on her cycles and how long they are ect. I don't think you can be 100% sure either way as it seems quite close and if she was sleeping with 2people that week it seems difficult to be sure. The only way you will know for sure is a DNA test after baby is born. Sorry if this is not much help xx

  • Yes he could be the father. .. but why is she not saying when she is due? Is that because he could work it out?

  • yes that's what I was thinking as to why she wouldn't say because even he was thinking it couldn't be his because 13 weeks ago he was with me not her and 13 weeks ago that's when she slept with someone else however my boyfriend slept with her the week before that's why I was wondering if it was possible for sperm to stay alive that long lool and could it infact be his

  • @Alex1tuck shes not 14/15 weeks she is 12 or 13 this week and he slept with her up until the 11th august then in the following week it was another person she slept with solely and not my boyfriend just to be clear

  • It's going to be impossible to tell at this stage, you will have more of an idea if you find out her due date, but without sounding like Jeremy Kyle... you won't know 100% until a DNA test is done

  • Yes but if she has longer cycles she could b less weeks or more if she has shorter cycles, so u need a due date to be more accurate.

    Sorry if u took offence to the way I wrote that bit I just ment depending on her cycles she possibly slept with 2 different people over the period she ovulated. X

  • Has she had a scan yet and is she definitely pregnant? Sounds like a dna test situation to get concrete proof cz otherwise the situation cud become rather messy and yes depending on cycle length cud b anywhere between 12-15 weeks.

  • At the end of the day, there is an INNOCENT baby in the middle if all this who has done nothing wrong. If it is your boyfriends, I hope he does right by the baby in terms of support and being a presence in it's life, and I hope you are mature enough to allow and support him in this x

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