Change in sleep pattern

My 8 month Old has slept through since 7 weeks, been doing 7-7 for months, she got a bad cold bout 5 weeks ago (it cleared now) and since then wakes during the night bout 4pm ready to play! I change bum n give her bottle of water n she goes down after a hour most times but bk up by 7 or 8am, I've tried keeping her up later, but still wakes up, has anyone else had this problem and how do I get her out of waking up during night? I thought could b teeth waking her but she wakes up n always is so happy never no anything wrong with her! She loves her sleep n sleeps well during day aswell but as getting disrupted sleep poor thing has bags under her eyes which match mine lol ta

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  • Maybe keep her busier during the day.

  • I've tried that, reduced sleeps, kept her up later but don't work, she always slept bout 4/5 hours during day n 12 hours over night, just since had cold getting up

  • What time does she have her sleep during the day and how long for? Maybe try changing the time so it's earlier in the day or shorten the Length of time. ..I stopped my first daughter sleeping during the day as she wouldn't sleep at night but she was around 2 bit my other daughter used to come home from school and have asleep on the sofa at 5 yrs old and still go bed at 6.30 and sleep all night! ... have u tried not giving her the water or changing her bum she doesn't wake right up?

  • I've shortened sleeps n dnt let her sleep passed 4, but due to that she shattered n by 6.30 ready for bed so I have to keep her awake, she wakes up at 4am wide awake, like it's time to play, the water only thing can do to get her bk to sleep, before the cold she sleep great could have sleep 5pm have bath n bed all night, she was up lots with cold n seems got used to it thanks x

  • If she's happy on waking do you need to get up to her, or could you leave her until 5 or 6 am then keep her up? Perhaps she'll go back to sleep and maybe the nappy change + bottle is stimulating? :) The shift back to GMT might also be a factor too :)

  • She wide awake n trying get out cot, she is small so cot new so put her bk in crib did wake twice but I picked her up dummy n cuddle n was bk down within mins, I think I could b teeth waking her? As sh doesn't normally move in sleep but so ce waking she all over place, only been changing bum as it was a full n thought that could b wAt woke her n drink was after been up bit to encourage bk to bed but didn't need to last night, been happening since before clocks went bk ta x

  • It is a nightmare when thy start getting up early. My 2 yr old has started getting up about 4 times in the night. He can get up anytime between 3 & 6.30am. We jst put him back in bed & don't talk to him. We r hoping he is jst going thr a faze & will stop soon for my husbands sake more than mine as he is the one that sorts him out.

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