Part-time worker. What are my rights as a pregnant employee?

I work in a restaurant 2 days a week, on an 8hr shift (16hrs wk), constantly standing. I start 9am and have my only break at 3pm for 20 minutes. I find 6 hours is too long to go without food & without being allowed to sit down strenuous (apart from my 20 min break). Am I entitled to more breaks or the right to sit down more than 20 minutes every 6 hours?


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  • Unfortunately that is the legal requirement, I work in asda and even if you work 7hrs it is still only a 20min break. I work 5hrs, 5 days a week and get a 15min break and I manage to have a sandwich and snack :) You could ask your manager about maybe having two shorter breaks instead? See what they say x

  • Sorry silly me I didnt read you post properly! 8hr shift! I would think you should get either two breaks or a longer break for sure! Every 4hrs requires a 15 min break - so an 8hr shift requires 30mins, you shouldn't be working for longer than 4hrs without a break x

  • 20 mins??u shud have 2 half hr breaks or an hr lunch really pregnant or not

  • Yes u should b having 30 mins in 8 hours legally. But you should also talk to your employer about what is best for u. If its two shorter breaks, or if there is any other duties which you could do for a bit to try and keep u off ur feet for an hour. Best thing is to talk to your employer but ur break should be 30 mins in the 8 hours. Xx

  • You are entitled to a 20 minute break every 6 hours as a normal employee. However as you are pregnant it is required that your employer conducts a maternity risk assessment. This should identify parts of your role which need to be either reduced i.e. Not being in your feet for 8 hours, opportunity for regular rest breaks even if only 5 minutes and the opportunity to be able to sit down to do a job that ordinarily you may stand for i.e. Cutlery polishing, napkin folding etc. this is the law so approach your employer to discuss. The assessment can be redone further into your pregnancy to allow for other pregnancy work related issues to be taken into consideration.

  • You should have half hour for lunch. 20mins would be if u were only working the 6 hours.

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