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Yay I'm off crutches!!! Still in agony but huge step forward. Five weeks postnatal and have finally managed a walk pushing my pram!!! So so thrilled! Granted can only get to shop and back 5 mins up road and then am in agony and stairs still a huge challenge, but can get there and back without crutches!! Such an improvement would jump up and down with excitement if wasn't the chance of putting my hip out again lol x


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10 Replies

  • Woohoo!! Chuffed for you hun! Must have been so frustrating! x

  • Ahh bless you, that's great!

    Nothing better than pushing your little one in their pram although somebody else always wants to push...usually Daddy but if not him it's Nanny, Grandad, Uncle the list goes on and Mummy is at the bottom!!

  • everyone else has had a turn already - so will use excuse need the pram to lean on :) x

  • Must of been a great feeling well done u hope u continue to improve :)

  • Yay!

  • :-D

  • That's really good news. :-)

  • Thats really good news and can understand why it feels like a massive achievment. Here's to continued improvement for you x

  • Today taking a bit easier, not sure if its cold or just got to excited yesterday and did a bit to much. So a day in playing with LO, what Thursdays were made for :D x

  • Well done you! Your LO is so gorgeous too x

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