Yeeeeaahh! she arrived!! :)

Meet Ceanna

Hi ladies

So I can honestly say yesterday morning was (if not is ) was the most eventful day of my life.

went to bed the Monday night but just like the last few previous nights was feeling a good amount of pressure on my pelvic muscle / bowel area.

After several trips to the loo I was well fed up & feeling so tired I took the usual 2 paracetamol & went back to bed.

roughly about a hour after this I started to feel "contraction" like pains which when I started to "time" was about every 20 mins apart.

My OH fast asleep & totally unaware what I was feeling got up & said something like " I got a feeling the baby coming today".

To my "relief" at that this time of the morning (considering it's about 4am) said well lucky enough Ive been getting some contractions for the last 3 hours or so :)

So, called my mum to let her know what was happening as she was the one to get us to the hospital as my OH doesn't drive.

Got to hospital about 5:15am & after being examined & etc... yes im in established labour (Thank god) :)

Im not sure if it was due to my mind not quite believing it was labour or the fact that I managed to stay at home throughout thee whole 1st stage of labour but within the next 3 & a half hours I found myself "puffing" on the gas & air tube getting ready to push the baby out.

And so, here she is born at 08:32 on the 5/11/2013 my beautiful Lil girl Ms Ceanna Mensah.



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31 Replies

  • Congratulations I can't wait to have my little girl now seeing all these new arrivals :-) x

  • I remember feeling exactly the same as you hun! a couple of weeks ago so I completely understand!

  • Congratulations, sounds like it all went very smooth. Xx

  • Awww congratulations

  • Congratulations! She's gorgeous x

  • Congratulations :) x

  • Congratulations!! A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!x

  • Congratulations Abeena. So happy for you. Enjoy your little girl:-)

  • horray! Congrats lovethe name xx

  • Congrats :-)

  • Yaaaaaay!! She's here!! Love the name! Well done you, she's beautiful! xx

  • woo hoo, Congratulations that is fantastic news and what a lovely name for your baby girl. :-) xx

  • Congrats. .really happy for u..beautiful name for a beautiful girl xx

  • Wow, congratulations! Glad it went fairly smoothly. Lovely name too! Xx

  • Well done!!!congrats beautiful baby

  • Fantastic news hun

    Well done you! Ceanna is absolutely beautiful xx

  • Congratulations!!

  • Awww , what a sweetie. Congratulations x

  • Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. Well done mummy x

  • Congrats on her birth.

  • Congratulations x Can't wait for my little one now. 2wks to go! X

  • Congratulations and a gorgeous name x

  • Aww congratulations. Beautiful baby and beautiful name! X

  • congrats hun, sounds like u had a smooth run :) happy days! shes absolutely adorable xx

  • Congrats and welcome beautiful angel.

  • Congratulations! That is lovely news, welcome to the world and a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! Xxx

  • Many congratulations dear x

  • Congratulation! Lovely name.

  • Yeeeaaahhhh Whoop Whoop she's here!! We've been waiting forever!!! Hehe.

    Congratulations to you & your family, she gorgeous & love the name Xx

    Hope Mummy is doing ok? Xx

  • Congratulations!! Xx

  • Congratulations hun, looking at the length of your labour seems like u did pretty well ! and a beautiful girl !! Big brother must be elated on arriva of little doll

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