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what do u do wen ur spotten brownish blood?


I jus found out was pregnant and im spottn &nd im already a full time oof two and work im afraif I really want my baby

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Spotting can be an implantation bleed if its Brown then that's good sign.. but always get checked out. . Go to ur g.p they should refer u For a scan...I bleed for a month after I found out I was pregnant. ..I had brown to red and had to wear a panty liner everyday but all was ok :)

Well I hae two other kids it aint ever happen b4 how long does the bleeding usually last

Somebody talk to me


It depends could be ur hormones settling down no one knows for sure that's why it's best to see ur g.p to arrange a scan. ..I bled For 3 months with my first but they didn't know why didn't bleed with my second.... they say bleeding in pregnancy isn't normal but it does happen. ..

I've had bleeding throughout my pregnancy and I appreciate how scary it is. Mine has been due to a sore spot in my cervix and where normally it would only bleed on contact the pressure of everything growing has caused it to bleed on its own. Babymother is right, bleeding does happen in pregnancy but it shouldn't. So you must get it checked. Bleeding at different weeks can also mean different things and every pregnancy is different. If it stays at spotting then I'd go to your GP but if it gets any heavier or red then I would go to a&e.

Im still spottin bt is dark red

Thans for the advice ladies

Hey ladies im at the hospital and I had a hige blood clot and im scared they didd ultrasound and I think I lost my baby im so sad they didnt see the baby

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you xx


Sorry to hear ur sad news x

So sorry to read your sad news xx

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