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Did anyone (mum's) experience a Lil bump under each breast before baby arrived ?

Just a quick question to all you lovely ladies as I know most of you have recently had your Lil-ones in the last few weeks / months

Did you have this sort of small "bump" inside each breasts just under the nipple area just before your Lil one was born ? as since last night ive noticed this with my breasts.

It may have been there for a while but I only really noticed it last night.

I'm not "extremely" worried about it (at this time) as it is not causing me any pain or discomfort & there's definitely No leakage or anything but I just thought it's a bit unusual at this time & I certainly don't remember this happening during my 1st pregnancy in 2008.

Ive done a bit of research / reading-up on the internet this morning (probably the worst I could do I know) & some of the info I come across does say it's most likely just the milk ducts in my breasts becoming larger and may be getting "overloaded" with milk.

Im just wondering if any of you ladies experienced or felt something similar before giving birth ?

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi hun I can't say I ever noticed this when pregnant but then I leaked very early on in all of them. I would just mention it to mw at next antenatal and see what she says xxx



Lucky enough ive got a ante-natal appointment coming up this Wednesday morning so I'll definitely discuss it with her.

"that's if I don't go into into labour by then" :)



I experienced this about week 28, and after googling found the general advice was to massage, which caused them to leak, but did get rid of the lumps. I've just had some come up again (week 39) so I'm assuming its the same thing, getting ready for baby to suck them out this time (as massaging isn't having the same leaky effects this time!) so I'm not worried.


Thanks selfsights!

I must admit it made me feel just a Lil bit more at ease to read you've experienced the same thing, but as you said im not worried about it as it dosen't cause any discomfort & Ive come to the conclusion it may also be a sign the baby is ready to come out now so "she'll" be able to get what she wants from them :)


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