Advice please? sickly baby

My daughter is 9 weeks old and has been sick a little after every feed since she was born however for the past 4 weeks its been alot more than usual I took her to the GP who thought she had a tummy bug but after it settled they said to change her milk from C&G to aptilm as av not long stopped BF and its a BF subsitute and gentler than other milks to digest. Since then she is been more sick and shes gone from taking 4oz every 2.5hours to 2.5oz every 4-5 hours she doesn't struggle with wind and now shes sick all the time through the day not just after feeds some days shes changed 3 times and her tunmy makes really loud noises all the time. Has anyone else had similar problem or no what to do docs arnt really helpful and am really worried there's something wrong. Xx

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  • Hi,

    After you've fed your daughter does she "burp" straight after or do you think she has a delay with bringing-up wind?

    My initial thought are she may just have a bit of "trapped wind" & therefore when she's really meant to burp a bit of sick comes out instead.

    If you don't mind me asking have you stopped breastfeeding completely or are you managing to combine a bit of both?


  • Oh I forgot to mention she doesn't settle after a fees either she crys and squirms around for ages before calming down which possibly makes her more sick. I cant lay her down after a fees either as it all comes back up. X

  • Hi she does bring up when she burps but even after she's been winded she's been sick for a good hour or two after and its really thick and quite alot. I was combing BF with formula to top up but now its complete formula. Just wish I could start BF again xx

  • Every baby is different & usually feeds between every 2 & a half to 4 hours but do you think maybe the "formula" may be a Lil too heavy on her system at 9 wks old.

    my advise would to try & get in contact with your Health visitor perhaps & see what advise she gives to you as G.P's can be worse than no help at all at the best of times.


  • Yeah I was thinking That al take her to get weighed tomorrow and see her there. Such a worry children arnt they haha.

    Thank you. Xx

  • She could be intolerant to the milk my son was in so much pain screaming at random times waking in the night just screaming after I put him on aptimil u should ask u dr for a prescription for the soya milk the day I changed my son's he was a different child x

  • Hey, babymother has a really good point there....definitely worth checking that out. Also as you've changed to formula only recently, it could just be the adaptation to the new milk. If the sick is thick, usually means it's digested milk they are bringing up so at least you know she is getting some goodness and stuff and not just regurgitating the milk straight bk up. My little boy goes through sicky stages...he had one of those yesterday in fact and this morning my boyfriend got drenched by some projectile vomit lol. I find that when he's sick a lot and a bit miserable, it normally coincides with when he has to try really hard to get a poop out and so the effort brings his milk back that ever the case with her? x

  • My son was the same apparently he had Gastric Reflux it was horrible and hard to manage maybe your baby is the same?

  • Has your baby got any other signs of intolerance? My niece developed a dairy allergy after her mum stopped breastfeeding. She was very sicky, upset tummy and a rash (like little pimples) all over her checks. She has now cut dairy out of her diet and trying to slowly introduce it back it.its def worth a chat with hv or gp hun even if its just to rule it out xx

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