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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric breastfeeding pump - yay or nay?

I just bought a tommee tippee closer to nature electric breastfeeding pump for the bargain price of £12.50 from Asda and looking online prices seem to vary from £60-£100 so I'm super happy with my purchase! It was the last one in stock so they must just have wanted to get rid I think! I've read a lot of mixed reviews for this pump but at this price I thought it would be worth a punt since I'm not even sure yet how often i will be using a pump if at all. Has anyone had any experience with this model? Some reviews say it's so easy to use and others say it's really slow to pump the milk, I'm 24 weeks so have a while to wait and see if it's any good :)

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1st of all Well done for managing to get the "electric pump" at that price that's a very sweet bargain considering the usual price. :)

Ive personally never used the tommee tippee breastfeeding pump brand but when I gave birth to my son in 2008 my sister loaned me her "Avent electric pump" & I must say I found it a bit complicated to put together put once I got using it it was very simple & quick to use

Due to the usual price of most electric pumps out-there nowadays Ive bought the "manual tommee tippee breastfeeding pump" this time around as (Im due to deliver my 2nd child by next week friday) & Im a bit nervous as to how the whole breastfeeding situation will go (silly I know)



Hi hun I have the tommee tippee electric pump. Its the one I brought 5yrs ago after I had my little girl.i find it really good and its lasted ages lol xx


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